Package lttng-ust

LTTng Userspace Tracer library

This library may be used by user-space applications to generate
trace-points using LTTng.

Version: 2.12.2

See also: lttng-ust-devel.

Library Functions

do_tracepoint alias for lttng-ust
lttng-ust LTTng user space tracing
lttng-ust-cyg-profile Function tracing (LTTng-UST helper)
lttng-ust-dl Dynamic linker tracing (LTTng-UST helper)
tracef LTTng-UST printf(3)-like interface
tracelog LTTng-UST printf(3)-like interface with a log level
tracepoint alias for lttng-ust
tracepoint_enabled alias for lttng-ust