Package lttng-tools

LTTng control and utility programs

This package provides the unified interface to control both the LTTng kernel
and userspace (UST) tracers.

See also: lttng-tools-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
lttng LTTng 2 tracer control command-line tool
lttng-add-context Add context fields to an LTTng channel
lttng-crash Recover and view LTTng 2 trace buffers in the event of a crash
lttng-create Create an LTTng tracing session
lttng-destroy Destroy an LTTng tracing session
lttng-disable-channel Disable LTTng channels
lttng-disable-event Disable LTTng event rules
lttng-enable-channel Create or enable LTTng channels
lttng-enable-event Create or enable LTTng event rules
lttng-help Display help information about an LTTng command
lttng-list List LTTng tracing sessions, domains, channels, and events
lttng-load Load LTTng tracing session configurations
lttng-metadata Manage an LTTng tracing session's metadata generation
lttng-regenerate Manage an LTTng tracing session's data regeneration
lttng-save Save LTTng tracing session configurations
lttng-set-session Set the current LTTng tracing session
lttng-snapshot Take LTTng snapshots and configure snapshot outputs
lttng-start Start LTTng tracers
lttng-status Get the current LTTng tracing session's status
lttng-stop Stop LTTng tracers
lttng-track Add one or more entries to an LTTng resource tracker
lttng-untrack Remove one or more entries from an LTTng resource tracker
lttng-version Get the version of LTTng-tools
lttng-view View the traces of an LTTng tracing session
System Administration
Command Description
lttng-relayd LTTng 2 relay daemon
lttng-sessiond LTTng 2 tracing session daemon