Package lrzip

Compression program optimized for large files

Long Range ZIP or Lzma RZIP

This is a compression program optimized for large files. The larger the file
and the more memory you have, the better the compression advantage this will
provide, especially once the files are larger than 100 MB. The advantage can
be chosen to be either size (much smaller than bzip2) or speed (much faster
than bzip2). Decompression is always much faster than bzip2.

General Commands
Command Description
lrunzip Uncompress LRZ files
lrz gzip compatible command line variant of lrzip
lrzcat Uncompress LRZ files to STDOUT
lrzip a large-file compression program
lrztar Directory wrapper for lrzip
lrzuntar Extract whole tarball from .tar.lrz files
File Formats
File Description
lrzip.conf Configuration File for lrzip