Package lprint

A Label Printer Application

LPrint is a label printer application for macOS and Linux. Basically,
LPrint is a print spooler optimized for label printing. It accepts
"raw" print data as well as PNG images (like those used for shipping
labels by most shippers' current web APIs) and has built-in "drivers"
to send the print data to USB and network-connected label printers.

Version: 1.2.0

General Commands

lprint a label printer application
lprint-add add a printer queue.
lprint-cancel cancel one or more print jobs.
lprint-default set or get the default printer queue.
lprint-delete delete a label printer queue.
lprint-devices list connected label printer devices.
lprint-drivers list drivers supported by the print server.
lprint-jobs list pending print jobs.
lprint-modify modify a printer queue.
lprint-printers list the configured printer queues.
lprint-server start a label print server.
lprint-shutdown stop a running label print server.
lprint-status show the current status of a printer
lprint-submit submit a file for printing.

File Formats

lprint.conf printer configuration file.