Package lowdown-libs

Simple markdown translator library

This package provides the Simple markdown translator library.

Version: 1.0.2

See also: lowdown.

Library Functions

lowdown simple markdown translator library
lowdown_buf parse a Markdown buffer into formatted output
lowdown_buf_diff parse and diff Markdown buffers into formatted output
lowdown_buf_free free a dynamic buffer
lowdown_buf_new allocate a dynamic buffer
lowdown_diff compute difference between parsed Markdown trees
lowdown_doc_free free a Markdown parser instance
lowdown_doc_new allocate a Markdown parser
lowdown_doc_parse parse a Markdown document into an AST
lowdown_file parse a Markdown file into formatted output
lowdown_file_diff parse and diff Markdown files into formatted output
lowdown_gemini_free free a Markdown gemini renderer
lowdown_gemini_new allocate a Markdown gemini renderer
lowdown_gemini_rndr render Markdown into gemini
lowdown_html_free free a Markdown HTML renderer
lowdown_html_new allocate a Markdown HTML renderer
lowdown_html_rndr render Markdown into HTML
lowdown_latex_free free a Markdown LaTeX renderer
lowdown_latex_new allocate a Markdown LaTeX renderer
lowdown_latex_rndr render Markdown into LaTeX
lowdown_metaq_free free rendered metadata key-value pairs
lowdown_node_free free a parsed Markdown tree
lowdown_nroff_free free a Markdown roff renderer
lowdown_nroff_new allocate a roff renderer for lowdown documents
lowdown_nroff_rndr render Markdown into roff
lowdown_odt_free free a Markdown OpenDocument renderer
lowdown_odt_new allocate a Markdown OpenDocument renderer
lowdown_odt_rndr render Markdown into OpenDocument
lowdown_term_free free an Markdown terminal renderer
lowdown_term_new allocate a Markdown terminal renderer
lowdown_term_rndr render Markdown into terminal output
lowdown_tree_rndr render Markdown into debugging output