Package lordsawar

Turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting

LordsAWar! is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy setting.

Games (Section 6)
LordsAWar! is a 2d turn-based strategy game where up to 8 players strive for control of as many cities as possible. Produce new armies in cities to conquer...
The LordsAWar! scenario editor lets you change nearly every facet of a scenario. Lay down forest, rivers, lakes, mountains and more! Place cities strategically...
A command-line tool to manage a LordsAWar! game host server located at HOST. Start hosting new games, stop hosting games, or ask it for a list of hosted games.
Allow remote and local users to start their networked lordsawar games on your computer. The command-line tool lordsawar-game-host-client is used to send...
A command-line tool to manage a LordsAWar! game list server located at HOST.
The LordsAWar! game list server keeps track of which networked games are available for others to join. This is the way lordsawar games are advertised so that...
This tool converts Warlords II .SCZ files into LordsAWar! map files. Alternatively this tool can operate on a directory that contains the unpacked SCZ file. In...