Package logiweb

A system for electronic distribution of mathematics

Logiweb allows to web publish 'Logiweb pages', i.e.
journal quality articles which contain machine readable objects
like programs, testsuites, definitions, axioms, lemmas, and
proofs. Among other, Logiweb is suited for literate programming,
for publication of machine verified proofs, and for writing
proof checkers. Logiweb allows Logiweb pages to reference
previously published Logiweb pages such that programs on a page
may call programs on referenced pages, proofs on a page may
reference lemmas on referenced pages, and so on.

Version: 0.2.12

General Commands

lgc translate and publish logiweb page
lgwam Logiweb Abstract Machine

File Formats

lgc the lgs source file format for the lgc compiler
lgc.conf configuration file for the Logiweb compiler (lgc)
logiweb Logiweb file formats and protocols


logiweb Logiweb protocol