Package log4c-devel

Header files, libraries and development documentation for log4c

Log4c is a C language library for flexible logging to files, syslog and other
destinations. It is modeled after the Log for Java library (log4j),
staying as close to their API as is reasonable.

This package contains development files for log4c. If you like to develop
programs using log4c, you will need to install log4c-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
log4c-config script to get information about the installed version of log4c
Library Functions
Library Function Description
log4c_appender.h Implement this interface for your own strategies for printing log statements.
log4c_appender_type log4c appender type class
log4c_appender_type_mmap.h Log4c mmap(2) appender interface.
log4c_appender_type_rollingfile.h Log4c rolling file appender interface.
log4c_appender_type_stream2.h Log4c stream2 appender interface.
log4c_appender_type_stream.h Log4c stream appender interface.
log4c_appender_type_syslog.h Log4c syslog(3) appender interface.
log4c_buffer.h log4c buffer
log4c_buffer_t buffer object
log4c_bug Bug List
log4c_category.h central class in the log4c package.
log4c_deprecated Deprecated List
log4c_init.h log4c constructors and destructors
log4c_layout.h Interface for user specific layout format of log4c_logging_event events.
log4c_layout_type log4c layout type class
log4c_layout_type_basic.h Implement a basic layout.
log4c_layout_type_basic_r.h Implement a basic_r layout.
log4c_layout_type_dated.h Implement a dated layout.
log4c_layout_type_dated_local.h Implement a dated layout with local time.
log4c_layout_type_dated_local_r.h Implement a dated layout (reentrant) with local time.
log4c_layout_type_dated_r.h Implement a dated_r layout.
log4c_location_info.h The internal representation of caller location information.
log4c_location_info_t logging location information
log4c_logging_event.h the internal representation of logging events.
log4c_logging_event_t logging event object
log4c_priority.h The priority class provides importance levels with which one can categorize log...
log4c_rc.h log4c resource configuration
log4c_rc_t resource configuration object
log4c_rollingpolicy.h Log4c rolling policy interface. Defines the interface for managing and providing...
log4c_rollingpolicy_type log4c rollingpolicy type. Defines the interface a specific policy must provide...
log4c_rollingpolicy_type_sizewin.h Log4c rolling file size-win interface. Log4c ships with (and defaults to) the...
log4c_todo Todo List
log4c_version.h log4c version information