Package llvm

The Low Level Virtual Machine

LLVM is a compiler infrastructure designed for compile-time, link-time,
runtime, and idle-time optimization of programs from arbitrary programming
languages. The compiler infrastructure includes mirror sets of programming
tools as well as libraries with equivalent functionality.

See also: llvm-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
FileCheck Flexible pattern matching file verifier
bugpoint automatic test case reduction tool
dsymutil manipulate archived DWARF debug symbol files
lit LLVM Integrated Tester
llc LLVM static compiler
lli directly execute programs from LLVM bitcode
llvm-ar LLVM archiver
llvm-as LLVM assembler
llvm-bcanalyzer LLVM bitcode analyzer
llvm-build LLVM Project Build Utility
llvm-cov emit coverage information
llvm-cxxmap Mangled name remapping tool
llvm-diff LLVM structural 'diff'
llvm-dis LLVM disassembler
llvm-dwarfdump dump and verify DWARF debug information
llvm-exegesis LLVM Machine Instruction Benchmark
llvm-extract extract a function from an LLVM module
llvm-lib LLVM lib.exe compatible library tool
llvm-link LLVM bitcode linker
llvm-mca LLVM Machine Code Analyzer
llvm-nm list LLVM bitcode and object file's symbol table
llvm-objdump LLVM's object file dumper
llvm-pdbutil PDB File forensics and diagnostics
llvm-profdata Profile data tool
llvm-readobj LLVM Object Reader
llvm-stress generate random .ll files
llvm-symbolizer convert addresses into source code locations
llvm-tblgen Target Description To C++ Code Generator
opt LLVM optimizer