Package lldpad

Intel LLDP Agent

This package contains the Linux user space daemon and configuration tool for
Intel LLDP Agent with Enhanced Ethernet support for the Data Center.

Version: 1.1.0

Library Functions

liblldp_clif-vdp22 Manipulate VDP IEEE 802.1 Ratified Standard Associations

System Administration

dcbtool manage the Data Center Bridging (DCB) settings of a CEE DCB interface
lldpad Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) agent daemon
lldptool manage the LLDP settings and status of lldpad
lldptool-app Show / manipulate APP TLV configuration
lldptool-dcbx Show / manipulate DCBX configuration
lldptool-ets Show / manipulate ETS TLV configuration
lldptool-evb Show / manipulate EVB TLV configuration
lldptool-evb22 Show / manipulate EVB IEEE 802.1 Ratified Standard TLV configuration
lldptool-med Show / manipulate MED TLV configurations
lldptool-pfc Show / manipulate PFC TLV configuration
lldptool-vdp Show / manipulate VDP TLV configuration
vdptool manage the VSI associations and status of lldpad