Package lksctp-tools-devel

Development files for lksctp-tools

Development files for lksctp-tools which include man pages, header files,
static libraries, symlinks to dynamic libraries and some tutorial source code.

See also: lksctp-tools.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
sctp_bindx Add or remove bind addresses on a socket.
sctp_connectx initiate a connection on an SCTP socket using multiple destination addresses.
sctp_getladdrs Returns all locally bound addresses on a socket.
sctp_getpaddrs Returns all peer addresses in an association.
sctp_opt_info Get options on a SCTP socket.
sctp_peeloff Branch off an association into a separate socket.
sctp_recvmsg Receive a message from a SCTP socket.
sctp_send Send a message from a SCTP socket.
sctp_sendmsg Send a message from a SCTP socket.