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Package lizardfs-master

LizardFS master server


LizardFS master (metadata) server together with metadata restore utility.

Version: 3.12.0

File Formats

globaliolimits.cfg global I/O limiting configuration
mfsexports.cfg LizardFS access control for mfsmounts
mfsgoals.cfg replication goals configuration file
mfsmaster.cfg main configuration file for mfsmaster
mfstopology.cfg LizardFS network topology definitions


mfs alias for lizardfs
moosefs alias for lizardfs

System Administration

mfsmaster start, restart or stop Lizard File System metadata server process
mfsmetadump a networking, distributed, highly available file system
mfsmetarestore replay LizardFS metadata change logs or dump LizardFS metadata image
mfsrestoremaster a networking, distributed, highly available file system