Package lizardfs-client

LizardFS client

LizardFS client: mfsmount and lizardfs.

General Commands
Command Description
lizardfs open prompt to perform LizardFS-specific operations
lizardfs-appendchunks lazy append chunks
lizardfs-checkfile print information about chunks
lizardfs-dirinfo show directories stats
lizardfs-fileinfo locate chunks
lizardfs-filerepair repair broken files
lizardfs-geteattr get, set or delete extra attributes
lizardfs-getgoal change or retrieve goal
lizardfs-gettrashtime get or set trash time
lizardfs-makesnapshot make lazy copies
lizardfs-repquota retrieves and sets quotas for specified users and groups
lizardfs-rremove remove recursively
mfsmount mount Lizard File System
File Formats
File Description
iolimits.cfg local I/O limiting configuration
mfsmount.cfg configuration file for the mfsmount command
Name Description
lizardfs a networking, distributed, highly available file system