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Package lirc-core

LIRC core, always needed to run LIRC


Part of the LIRC package suite which handles IR remotes. See
the package lirc for more.

The lirc core contains the lircd daemons, the devinput and
default driver and most of the applications.

Version: 0.10.0

General Commands

ircat print strings when pressing buttons
irexec run programs with one button press
irpipe tool to send data to lircd over /dev/irpipe kernel device.
irpty Pseudo tty driver.
irrecord IR-codes recording tool for usage with LIRC
irsend basic LIRC program to send infra-red commands
irsimreceive Decode IR durations data.
irsimsend Send simulated IR data.
irtestcase Create or check decoding testcases.
irtext2udp Convert pulse/space text data to binary UDP driver format
irw Send data from Unix domain socket to stdout
lirc-lsplugins Print dynamic modules info
lirc-lsremotes parse lirc configuration files.
lirc-make-devinput create a devinput.lircd.conf for the local site.
mode2 Show kernel output available for LIRC drivers
pronto2lirc convert pronto-encoded data to lircd.conf format

File Formats

lircd.conf lirc main configuration file
lircrc application-specific remotes signals configuration

System Administration

lircd Decode infrared signals and provide them on a socket.
lircd-setup Run setup commands in lirc_options.conf
lircd-uinput Forward lirc button presses as uinput events
lircmd Translate infrared signals into mouse events.
lircrcd Synchronize lircrc state among client applications.