Package linuxconsoletools

Tools for connecting joysticks & legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem

This package contains utilities for testing and configuring joysticks,
connecting legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem (providing support
for serial mice, touchscreens etc.), and test the input event layer.

Version: 1.8.1

General Commands

evdev-joystick joystick calibration program
ffcfstress constant force stress test for force-feedback devices
ffmvforce force orientation test for force-feedback devices
ffset set force-feedback device parameters
fftest tests force-feedback devices.
inputattach attach a serial line to an input-layer device
jscal joystick calibration and remapping program
jscal-restore restores joystick calibration
jscal-store stores joystick calibration
jstest joystick test program