Package linuxconsoletools

Tools for connecting joysticks & legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem

This package contains utilities for testing and configuring joysticks,
connecting legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem (providing support
for serial mice, touchscreens etc.), and test the input event layer.

General Commands (Section 1)
ffcfstress stress tests constant non-enveloped forces on a force feedback device. It simulates a moving spring force by applying a frequently updated constant...
ffmvforce generates a force in a given direction, indicated by the position of the mouse pointer in relation to the center of the tool's window. Beware, the...
ffset sets the gain and autocenter strength of a force-feedback device.
fftest provides a variety of tests which can be applied to force-feedback devices. Beware, the tests may damage your device!
inputattach attaches a serial line to an input-layer device via a line discipline. Exactly one of the available modes must be specified on the command line.
jscal calibrates joysticks and maps joystick axes and buttons. Calibrating a joystick ensures the positions on the various axes are correctly interpreted...
jscal-restore restores the calibration and mapping information for the given joystick device, previously stored by the jscal-store command. An appropriate rule...
jscal-store stores the calibration and mapping information for the given joystick device. This information can later be restored using the jscal-restore...
jstest can be used to test all the features of the Linux joystick API, including non-blocking and select(2) access, as well as version 0.x compatibility mode...