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Package linux-atm

Tools to support ATM networking under Linux


Version: 2.5.1

Special Files

atmsigd.conf configuration file for the ATM signaling demon


qos Quality of Service specification
sap Service Access Point specification

System Administration

atmaddr list and maintain local ATM addresses
atmarp administer classical IP over ATM connections
atmarpd ATMARP demon
atmdiag show ATM device driver diagnostics
atmdump capture or generate ATM cells
atmloop get/set loopback mode of ATM interfaces
atmsigd ATM signaling demon
atmtcp set up ATM over TCP connections
br2684ctl RFC1483/2684 Bridge Daemon
bus alias for les
esi get or set the end system identifier (ESI)
ilmid Integrated Local Management Interface Daemon
lecs ATM LAN Emulation service demons
les ATM LAN Emulation service demons
mpcd ATM MPOA (Multi-Protocol Over ATM) client daemon
zeppelin ATM LAN Emulation client demon (LED) Zeppelin