Package limnoria

A modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot) with enhancements and bug fixes

Supybot is a robust (it doesn't crash), user friendly
(it's easy to configure) and programmer friendly
(plugins are extremely easy to write) Python IRC bot.
It aims to be an adequate replacement for most existing IRC bots.
It includes a very flexible and powerful ACL system for controlling
access to commands, as well as more than 50 builtin plugins
providing around 400 actual commands.

Limnoria is a project which continues development of Supybot
(you can call it a fork) by fixing bugs and adding features
(see the list of added features for more details).

Version: 20220703

General Commands

supybot A robust and user friendly Python IRC bot
supybot-adduser Adds a user to a Supybot users.conf file
supybot-botchk A script to start Supybot if it's not already running.
supybot-plugin-create A wizard for creating Supybot plugins
supybot-plugin-doc Generates the documentation for a Supybot plugin
supybot-reset-password Changes a user's password in a Supybot users.conf file
supybot-test Runs the test suite for a Supybot plugin
supybot-wizard A wizard for creating Supybot configuration files