Package lilyterm

Light and easy to use X Terminal Emulator

LilyTerm is a light and easy to use libvte based X Terminal Emulator with a
lot of features:
 * Supports multiple tabs, reorderable tabs and hides the tab tray when there
   is only one tab
 * Add, close, swith, move, rename tabs with function keys
 * Disable/Enable function keys for temporary (use <Ctrl><`> by default).
 * Shows the foreground running command on tab and/or window title.
 * Change the font name, size, and window size with right click menu.
 * User custom function keys (need to edit profile).
 * Support for User/System profiles.
 * Supports true transparency if the window manager is composited.
 * Support for transparent background and background saturation.
 * Support for text and background color (need to edit profile).
 * Good support for UTF-8.
 * Decide the text encoding via environment. Using UTF-8 by default.
 * Change the text encoding with right click menu.


General Commands

lilyterm A light and eazy-to-use terminal emulator for X.