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Package libzip-devel

Development files for libzip


The libzip-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libzip.

Version: 1.10.1

Library Functions

ZIP_SOURCE_GET_ARGS validate and cast arguments to source callback
libzip library for manipulating zip archives
zip_add add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive (obsolete interface)
zip_add_dir add directory to zip archive (obsolete interface)
zip_close close zip archive
zip_compression_method_supported return if a compression method is supported
zip_delete delete file from zip archive
zip_dir_add add directory to zip archive
zip_discard close zip archive and discard changes
zip_encryption_method_supported return if an encryption method is supported
zip_error_clear clear error state for archive or file
zip_error_code_system get operating system error part of zip_error
zip_error_code_zip get libzip error part of zip_error
zip_error_fini clean up zip_error structure
zip_error_get get error codes for archive or file (obsolete interface)
zip_error_get_sys_type get type of system error code (obsolete interface)
zip_error_init initialize zip_error structure
zip_error_init_with_code alias for zip_error_init
zip_error_set fill in zip_error structure
zip_error_strerror create human-readable string for zip_error
zip_error_system_type return type of system error
zip_error_to_data convert zip_error to return value suitable for ZIP_SOURCE_ERROR
zip_error_to_str get string representation of zip error (obsolete interface)
zip_errors list of all libzip error codes
zip_fclose close file in zip archive
zip_fdopen open zip archive using open file descriptor
zip_file_add add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive
zip_file_attributes_init initialize zip file attributes structure
zip_file_error_clear alias for zip_error_clear
zip_file_error_get alias for zip_error_get
zip_file_extra_field_delete delete extra field for file in zip
zip_file_extra_field_delete_by_id alias for zip_file_extra_field_delete
zip_file_extra_field_get get extra field for file in zip
zip_file_extra_field_get_by_id alias for zip_file_extra_field_get
zip_file_extra_field_set set extra field for file in zip
zip_file_extra_fields_count count extra fields for file in zip
zip_file_extra_fields_count_by_id alias for zip_file_extra_fields_count
zip_file_get_comment get comment for file in zip
zip_file_get_error extract zip_error from zip_file
zip_file_get_external_attributes get external attributes for file in zip
zip_file_is_seekable alias for zip_fseek
zip_file_rename rename file in zip archive
zip_file_replace alias for zip_file_add
zip_file_set_comment set comment for file in zip
zip_file_set_dostime set last modification time (mtime) for file in zip
zip_file_set_encryption set encryption method for file in zip
zip_file_set_external_attributes set external attributes for file in zip
zip_file_set_mtime alias for zip_file_set_dostime
zip_file_strerror alias for zip_strerror
zip_fopen open file in zip archive for reading
zip_fopen_encrypted open encrypted file in zip archive for reading
zip_fopen_index alias for zip_fopen
zip_fopen_index_encrypted alias for zip_fopen_encrypted
zip_fread read from file
zip_fseek seek in file
zip_ftell tell position in file
zip_get_archive_comment get zip archive comment
zip_get_archive_flag get status flags for zip
zip_get_error get zip error for archive
zip_get_file_comment get comment for file in zip (obsolete interface)
zip_get_name get name of file by index
zip_get_num_entries get number of entries in archive
zip_get_num_files get number of files in archive (obsolete interface)
zip_libzip_version return run-time version of library
zip_name_locate get index of file by name
zip_open open zip archive
zip_open_from_source alias for zip_open
zip_register_cancel_callback_with_state allow cancelling during zip_close
zip_register_progress_callback provide updates during zip_close (obsolete interface)
zip_register_progress_callback_with_state provide updates during zip_close
zip_rename rename file in zip archive (obsolete interface)
zip_replace alias for zip_add
zip_set_archive_comment set zip archive comment
zip_set_archive_flag set zip archive flag
zip_set_default_password set default password for encrypted files in zip
zip_set_file_comment set comment for file in zip (obsolete interface)
zip_set_file_compression set compression method for file in zip
zip_source zip data source structure
zip_source_begin_write prepare zip source for writing
zip_source_begin_write_cloning alias for zip_source_begin_write
zip_source_buffer create zip data source from buffer
zip_source_buffer_create alias for zip_source_buffer
zip_source_buffer_fragment create zip data source from multiple buffer
zip_source_buffer_fragment_create alias for zip_source_buffer_fragment
zip_source_close close zip_source (which was open for reading)
zip_source_commit_write finalize changes to zip source
zip_source_error get zip error for data source
zip_source_file create data source from a file
zip_source_file_create alias for zip_source_file
zip_source_filep create data source from FILE *
zip_source_filep_create alias for zip_source_filep
zip_source_free free zip data source
zip_source_function create data source from function
zip_source_function_create alias for zip_source_function
zip_source_is_deleted check if zip_source is deleted
zip_source_is_seekable check if a source supports seeking
zip_source_keep increment reference count of zip data source
zip_source_layered create layered data source from function
zip_source_layered_create alias for zip_source_layered
zip_source_make_command_bitmap create bitmap of supported source operations
zip_source_open open zip_source for reading
zip_source_read read data from zip source
zip_source_rollback_write undo changes to zip source
zip_source_seek set read offset in zip source
zip_source_seek_compute_offset validate arguments and compute offset
zip_source_seek_write set write offset in zip source
zip_source_stat get information about zip_source
zip_source_tell report current read offset in zip source
zip_source_tell_write report current write offset in zip source
zip_source_win32a create data source from a Windows ANSI file name
zip_source_win32a_create alias for zip_source_win32a
zip_source_win32handle create data source from a Windows file handle
zip_source_win32handle_create alias for zip_source_win32handle
zip_source_win32w create data source from a Windows Unicode file name
zip_source_win32w_create alias for zip_source_win32w
zip_source_window_create create zip data source overlay
zip_source_write write data to zip source
zip_source_zip create data source from zip file (obsolete interface)
zip_source_zip_create alias for zip_source_zip
zip_source_zip_file create data source from zip file
zip_source_zip_file_create alias for zip_source_zip_file
zip_stat get information about file
zip_stat_index alias for zip_stat
zip_stat_init initialize zip_stat structure
zip_strerror get string representation for a zip error
zip_unchange undo changes to file in zip archive
zip_unchange_all undo all changes in a zip archive
zip_unchange_archive undo global changes to zip archive