Package libXv-devel

X.Org X11 libXv development package

Version: 1.0.12

Library Functions

Xv X Window System video extension
XvCreateImage create an XvImage
XvFreeAdaptorInfo free adaptor information
XvFreeEncodingInfo free encoding information
XvGetPortAttribute return current port attribute value
XvGetStill capture a single frame of video from a drawable
XvGetVideo capture video from a drawable
XvGrabPort lock port for exclusive use by client
XvListImageFormats return list of image formats supported by a video port
XvPortNotify event generated when port attributes change
XvPutImage display an XvImage
XvPutStill write a single frame of video to a drawable
XvPutVideo write video into a drawable
XvQueryAdaptors return adaptor information for a screen
XvQueryBestSize determine the optimum drawable region size
XvQueryEncodings return list of encodings for an adaptor
XvQueryExtension return version and release of extension
XvQueryPortAttributes return list of attributes of a video port
XvSelectPortNotify enable or disable XvPortNotify events
XvSelectVideoNotify enable or disable VideoNotify events
XvSetPortAttribute sets an attribute of a video port
XvShmCreateImage alias for XvCreateImage
XvShmPutImage alias for XvPutImage
XvStopVideo stop active video
XvUngrabPort release port grabbed for video operation
XvVideoNotify event generated for video processing