Package libXv-devel

X.Org X11 libXv development package

Library Functions
Library Function Description
Xv X Window System video extension
XvCreateImage create an XvImage
XvFreeAdaptorInfo free adaptor information
XvFreeEncodingInfo free encoding information
XvGetPortAttribute return current port attribute value
XvGetStill capture a single frame of video from a drawable
XvGetVideo capture video from a drawable
XvGrabPort lock port for exclusive use by client
XvListImageFormats return list of image formats supported by a video port
XvPortNotify event generated when port attributes change
XvPutStill write a single frame of video to a drawable
XvPutVideo write video into a drawable
XvQueryAdaptors return adaptor information for a screen
XvQueryBestSize determine the optimum drawable region size
XvQueryEncodings return list of encodings for an adaptor
XvQueryExtension return version and release of extension
XvSelectPortNotify enable or disable XvPortNotify events
XvSelectVideoNotify enable or disable VideoNotify events
XvSetPortAttribute sets an attribute of a video port
XvStopVideo stop active video
XvUngrabPort release port grabbed for video operation
XvVideoNotify event generated for video processing