Package libXt-devel

X.Org X11 libXt development package

Library Functions
Library Function Description
XtAddActions register an action table
XtAddCallback add and remove callback procedures
XtAddEventHandler add and remove event handlers
XtAddExposureToRegion merge exposure events into a region
XtAddGrab redirect user input to a modal widget
XtAddInput register input, timeout, and workprocs
XtAllocateGC obtain a sharable GC with modifiable fields
XtAppAddActionHook register an action hook procedure
XtAppAddActions register an action table
XtAppAddBlockHook register a block hook procedure
XtAppAddConverter register resource converter
XtAppAddInput register and remove an input source
XtAppAddSignal register and remove a signal source
XtAppAddTimeOut register and remove timeouts
XtAppAddWorkProc Add and remove background processing procedures
XtAppCreateShell create top-level widget instance
XtAppError low-level error handlers
XtAppErrorMsg high-level error handlers
XtAppGetErrorDatabase obtain error database
XtAppGetSelectionTimeout set and obtain selection timeout values
XtAppInitialize initialize, open, or close a display
XtAppLock lock and unlock application context
XtAppNextEvent query and process events and input
XtAppReleaseCacheRefs decrement reference counts for resources
XtAppSetExitFlag thread support functions
XtAppSetFallbackResources set fallback resources
XtAppSetTypeConverter register resource converter
XtBuildEventMask retrieve a widget's event mask
XtCallAcceptFocus calla widget's accept_focus procedure
XtCallActionProc invoke an action procedure directly
XtCallCallbacks process callbacks
XtClass obtain and verify a widget's class
XtConfigureWidget move and resize widgets
XtConvert invoke resource converters
XtConvertAndStore invoke resource converters
XtCreateApplicationContext create, destroy, and obtain an application context
XtCreateApplicationShell create top-level widget instance
XtCreatePopupShell create a popup shell
XtCreateSelectionRequest bundle multiple selection conversion requests into a single request using...
XtCreateWidget create and destroy widgets
XtCreateWindow window creation convenience function
XtDisplay obtain window information about a widget
XtDisplayInitialize initialize, open, or close a display
XtDisplayStringConversionWarning issue a conversion warning message
XtDisplayToApplicationContext obtain an application context
XtError low-level error handlers
XtErrorMsg high-level error handlers
XtFindFile search for a file using substitutions in the path list
XtGetActionKeysym obtain corresponding keysym
XtGetActionList obtain class action list
XtGetApplicationNameAndClass retrieve application name and class
XtGetApplicationResources obtain application resources
XtGetClassExtension locate a class extension record
XtGetDisplays retrieve a list of displays associated with an application context
XtGetErrorDatabase obtain error database
XtGetGC obtain and destroy a sharable GC
XtGetKeyboardFocusWidget extension event handling
XtGetKeysymTable query keysyms and keycodes
XtGetResourceList obtain resource list
XtGetSelectionParameters retrieve target parameters for a selection request with a single target
XtGetSelectionRequest retrieve the event that triggered the XtConvertSelectionProc
XtGetSelectionTimeout set and obtain selection timeout values
XtGetSelectionValue obtain selection values
XtGetSelectionValueIncremental obtain selection values
XtGetSubresources obtain subresources
XtGrabKey manage grabs
XtHooksOfDisplay external agent access points
XtInitialize initialize
XtInitializeWidgetClass initialize a widget class
XtInsertEventTypeHandler extension event handling
XtLastEventProcessed last event, last timestamp processed
XtMakeGeometryRequest make geometry manager request
XtMalloc memory management functions
XtManageChildren manage and unmanage children
XtMapWidget map and unmap widgets
XtName obtain widget's name
XtNameToWidget translating strings to widgets or widgets to windows
XtNextEvent query and process events and input
XtOffset determine the byte offset or number of array elements
XtOpenApplication initialize, open, or close a display
XtOwnSelection set selection owner
XtParent obtain widget's parent widget id
XtParseAcceleratorTable managing accelerator tables
XtParseTranslationTable manage translation tables
XtPopdown unmap a pop-up
XtPopup map a pop-up
XtProcessLock lock and unlock process
XtQueryGeometry query the preferred geometry of a child widget
XtRealizeWidget realize and unrealize widgets
XtRegisterDrawable register a drawable with the Intrinsics event dispatcher
XtRegisterGrabAction register button and key grabs
XtReservePropertyAtom maintain a cache of property atoms
XtResolvePathname search for a file using standard substitution
XtSessionGetToken token management for checkpointing
XtSetArg set and merge ArgLists
XtSetKeyboardFocus focus events on a child widget
XtSetKeyTranslator convert KeySym to KeyCodes
XtSetLanguageProc set the language procedure
XtSetMultiClickTime set and get multi-click times
XtSetSelectionParameters specify target parameters for a selection request with a single target
XtSetSensitive set and check a widget's sensitivity state
XtSetValues obtain and set widget resources
XtSetWMColormapWindows Set the value of the WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
XtStringConversionWarning issue a conversion warning message
XtToolkitThreadInitialize initialize the toolkit for multiple threads
XtTranslateCoords translate widget coordinates
XtVaCreateArgsList dynamically allocate a varargs list