Package libXpm-devel

X.Org X11 libXpm development package

Version: 3.5.17

General Commands

cxpm Check an XPM (X PixMap) file, versions XPM 1, 2, or 3.
sxpm Show an XPM (X PixMap) file and/or convert XPM 1 or 2 files to XPM 3.

Library Functions

XpmAttributesSize alias for XpmMisc
XpmCreateBuffer create an XPM Buffer
XpmCreateBufferFromImage alias for XpmCreateBuffer
XpmCreateBufferFromPixmap alias for XpmCreateBuffer
XpmCreateBufferFromXpmImage alias for XpmCreateBuffer
XpmCreateData create an Data structure
XpmCreateDataFromImage alias for XpmCreateData
XpmCreateDataFromPixmap alias for XpmCreateData
XpmCreateDataFromXpmImage alias for XpmCreateData
XpmCreateImage create an XImage from an XPM
XpmCreateImageFromBuffer alias for XpmCreateImage
XpmCreateImageFromData alias for XpmCreateImage
XpmCreateImageFromXpmImage alias for XpmCreateImage
XpmCreatePixmap create a pixmap
XpmCreatePixmapFromBuffer alias for XpmCreatePixmap
XpmCreatePixmapFromData alias for XpmCreatePixmap
XpmCreatePixmapFromXpmImage alias for XpmCreatePixmap
XpmCreateXpmImage create an Xpm image
XpmCreateXpmImageFromBuffer alias for XpmCreateXpmImage
XpmCreateXpmImageFromData alias for XpmCreateXpmImage
XpmCreateXpmImageFromImage alias for XpmCreateXpmImage
XpmCreateXpmImageFromPixmap alias for XpmCreateXpmImage
XpmFree alias for XpmMisc
XpmFreeAttributes alias for XpmMisc
XpmFreeExtensions alias for XpmMisc
XpmFreeXpmImage alias for XpmMisc
XpmFreeXpmInfo alias for XpmMisc
XpmGetErrorString alias for XpmMisc
XpmLibraryVersion alias for XpmMisc
XpmMisc xpm misc functions to free used memory and handle errors
XpmRead read an XPM file
XpmReadFileToBuffer alias for XpmRead
XpmReadFileToData alias for XpmRead
XpmReadFileToImage alias for XpmRead
XpmReadFileToPixmap alias for XpmRead
XpmReadFileToXpmImage alias for XpmRead
XpmWrite write an XPM file
XpmWriteFileFromBuffer alias for XpmWrite
XpmWriteFileFromImage alias for XpmWrite
XpmWriteFileFromPixmap alias for XpmWrite
XpmWriteFileFromXpmImage alias for XpmWrite