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Package libxo-devel

Development files for libxo


The libxo-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libxo.

Version: 1.6.0

See also: libxo.

Library Functions

libxo library for emitting text, XML, JSON, or HTML output
xo_attr Add attribute name/value pairs to formatted output
xo_create create and destroy libxo output handles
xo_emit emit formatted output based on format string and arguments
xo_emit_err emit errors and warnings in multiple output styles
xo_err emit errors and warnings in multiple output styles
xo_error generate simple error messages in multiple output styles
xo_finish finish formatting output
xo_flush flush formatted output from libxo handle
xo_message emit messages in multiple output styles
xo_no_setlocale prevent implicit call to setlocale
xo_open_container open (and close) container constructs
xo_open_list open and close lists and instances
xo_open_marker prevent and allow closing of open constructs
xo_parse_args detect, parse, and remove arguments for libxo
xo_set_allocator set allocation functions for libxo
xo_set_flags set operational flags for a libxo handle
xo_set_info set the field information data for libxo
xo_set_options change options used by a libxo handle
xo_set_style set the output style for a libxo handle
xo_set_syslog_enterprise_id Set the enterprise identifier for syslog content
xo_set_version record content-version information in encoded output
xo_set_writer set custom writer functions for a libxo handle
xo_syslog create SYSLOG (RFC5424) log records using libxo formatting