Package libXi-devel

X.Org X11 libXi development package

Library Functions
Library Function Description
XAllowDeviceEvents release queued events
XChangeDeviceDontPropagateList query or change the dont-propagate-list for extension devices
XChangeKeyboardDevice change which device is used as the X keyboard
XChangePointerDevice change which device is the X pointer
XDeviceBell ring a bell on a device supported through the input extension
XGetDeviceControl query and change input device controls
XGetDeviceKeyMapping query or change device key mappings
XGetDeviceModifierMapping query or change device modifier mappings
XGetDeviceMotionEvents get device motion history
XGetDeviceProperty Get, change or delete a device's property.
XGetExtensionVersion query the version of the input extension.
XGetFeedbackControl query and change input device feedbacks
XGrabDevice grab/release the specified extension device
XGrabDeviceButton grab/ungrab extension input device buttons
XGrabDeviceKey grab/ungrab extension input device Keys
XIBarrierReleasePointer allow pointer movement across a pointer barrier
XIChangeHierarchy change the device hierarchy.
XIChangeProperty change, retrieve or delete a device's property.
XIDefineCursor define device cursors.
XIGrabButton grab/ungrab buttons or keys
XIGrabDevice grab or ungrab the device.
XIGrabEnter grab/ungrab enter or focus in events.
XIListProperties List a device's properties.
XIQueryDevice get information about devices.
XIQueryPointer get device pointer coordinates.
XIQueryVersion announce and query the support XI2 version.
XISelectEvents select for or get selected XI2 events on the window.
XISetClientPointer set or get the ClientPointer device.
XISetFocus set or get the device's focus.
XIWarpPointer move a device's pointer.
XListDeviceProperties List a device's properties.
XListInputDevices list available input devices
XOpenDevice open or close an extension input device
XQueryDeviceState query the state of an extension input device.
XSelectExtensionEvent select extension events, get the list of currently selected extension events
XSendExtensionEvent send input extension events to a client
XSetDeviceButtonMapping query or change device button mappings
XSetDeviceFocus control extension input device focus
XSetDeviceMode change the mode of a device
XSetDeviceValuators initialize the valuators on an extension input device