Package libXext-devel

X.Org X11 libXext development package

Version: 1.3.6

Library Functions

DBE Double Buffer Extension
DPMSCapable returns the DPMS capability of the X server
DPMSDisable disables DPMS on the specified display
DPMSEnable enables DPMS on the specified display
DPMSForceLevel forces a DPMS capable display into the specified power level
DPMSGetTimeouts retrieves the timeout values used by the X server for DPMS timings
DPMSGetVersion returns the version of the DPMS extension implemented by the X server
DPMSInfo returns information about the current DPMS state
DPMSQueryExtension queries the X server to determine the availability of the DPMS Extension
DPMSSetTimeouts permits applications to set the timeout values used by the X server for DPMS timings
XShape X nonrectangular shape functions
XShapeCombineMask alias for XShape
XShapeCombineRectangles alias for XShape
XShapeCombineRegion alias for XShape
XShapeCombineShape alias for XShape
XShapeGetRectangles alias for XShape
XShapeInputSelected alias for XShape
XShapeOffsetShape alias for XShape
XShapeQueryExtension alias for XShape
XShapeQueryExtents alias for XShape
XShapeQueryVersion alias for XShape
XShapeSelectInput alias for XShape
XShm X Shared Memory extension functions
XShmAttach alias for XShm
XShmCreateImage alias for XShm
XShmCreatePixmap alias for XShm
XShmDetach alias for XShm
XShmGetEventBase alias for XShm
XShmGetImage alias for XShm
XShmPixmapFormat alias for XShm
XShmPutImage alias for XShm
XShmQueryExtension alias for XShm
XShmQueryVersion alias for XShm
XcupGetReservedColormapEntries list colormap entries reserved by the system
XcupQueryVersion Returns TOG-CUP protocol version supported by the X server
XcupStoreColors initialize shareable colormap entries at specific locations
XdbeAllocateBackBufferName allocates a DBE buffer.
XdbeBeginIdiom marks the beginning of a DBE idiom sequence.
XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName frees a DBE buffer.
XdbeEndIdiom marks the end of a DBE idiom sequence.
XdbeFreeVisualInfo frees information returned by XdbeGetVisualInfo().
XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes returns attributes of a DBE buffer.
XdbeGetVisualInfo Get dbe Visual Information
XdbeQueryExtension returns the version of DBE supported by the server.
XdbeSwapBuffers swaps front and back DBE buffers.
Xevi X Extended Visual Information functions
XeviGetVisualInfo alias for Xevi
XeviQueryExtension alias for Xevi
XeviQueryVersion alias for Xevi
Xmbuf X multibuffering functions
XmbufChangeBufferAttributes alias for Xmbuf
XmbufChangeWindowAttributes alias for Xmbuf
XmbufCreateBuffers alias for Xmbuf
XmbufCreateStereoWindow alias for Xmbuf
XmbufDestroyBuffers alias for Xmbuf
XmbufDisplayBuffers alias for Xmbuf
XmbufGetBufferAttributes alias for Xmbuf
XmbufGetScreenInfo alias for Xmbuf
XmbufGetVersion alias for Xmbuf
XmbufGetWindowAttributes alias for Xmbuf
XmbufQueryExtension alias for Xmbuf