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Package libX11-devel

Development files for libX11


X.Org X11 libX11 development package

Version: 1.8.9

Library Functions

AllPlanes Display macros and functions
BitmapBitOrder alias for ImageByteOrder
BitmapPad alias for ImageByteOrder
BitmapUnit alias for ImageByteOrder
BlackPixel alias for AllPlanes
BlackPixelOfScreen screen information functions and macros
CellsOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
ClientWhitePointOfCCC alias for DisplayOfCCC
ConnectionNumber alias for AllPlanes
DefaultColormap alias for AllPlanes
DefaultColormapOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
DefaultDepth alias for AllPlanes
DefaultDepthOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
DefaultGC alias for AllPlanes
DefaultGCOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
DefaultRootWindow alias for AllPlanes
DefaultScreen alias for AllPlanes
DefaultScreenOfDisplay alias for AllPlanes
DefaultVisual alias for AllPlanes
DefaultVisualOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
DisplayCells alias for AllPlanes
DisplayHeight alias for ImageByteOrder
DisplayHeightMM alias for ImageByteOrder
DisplayOfCCC Color Conversion Context macros
DisplayOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
DisplayPlanes alias for AllPlanes
DisplayString alias for AllPlanes
DisplayWidth alias for ImageByteOrder
DisplayWidthMM alias for ImageByteOrder
DoesBackingStore alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
DoesSaveUnders alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
EventMaskOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
HeightMMOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
HeightOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
ImageByteOrder image format functions and macros
IsCursorKey keysym classification macros
IsFunctionKey alias for IsCursorKey
IsKeypadKey alias for IsCursorKey
IsMiscFunctionKey alias for IsCursorKey
IsModifierKey alias for IsCursorKey
IsPFKey alias for IsCursorKey
IsPrivateKeypadKey alias for IsCursorKey
LastKnownRequestProcessed alias for AllPlanes
MaxCmapsOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
MinCmapsOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
NextRequest alias for AllPlanes
PlanesOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
ProtocolRevision alias for AllPlanes
ProtocolVersion alias for AllPlanes
QLength alias for AllPlanes
RootWindow alias for AllPlanes
RootWindowOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
ScreenCount alias for AllPlanes
ScreenNumberOfCCC alias for DisplayOfCCC
ScreenOfDisplay alias for AllPlanes
ScreenWhitePointOfCCC alias for DisplayOfCCC
ServerVendor alias for AllPlanes
VendorRelease alias for AllPlanes
VisualOfCCC alias for DisplayOfCCC
WhitePixel alias for AllPlanes
WhitePixelOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
WidthMMOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
WidthOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
XActivateScreenSaver alias for XSetScreenSaver
XAddConnectionWatch handle Xlib internal connections
XAddHost control host access and host control structure
XAddHosts alias for XAddHost
XAddPixel alias for XInitImage
XAddToSaveSet alias for XChangeSaveSet
XAllocClassHint allocate class hints structure and set or read a window's WM_CLASS property
XAllocColor allocate and free colors
XAllocColorCells alias for XAllocColor
XAllocColorPlanes alias for XAllocColor
XAllocIconSize allocate icon size structure and set or read a window's WM_ICON_SIZES property
XAllocNamedColor alias for XAllocColor
XAllocSizeHints allocate size hints structure and set or read a window's WM_NORMAL_HINTS property
XAllocStandardColormap allocate, set, or read a standard colormap structure
XAllocWMHints allocate window manager hints structure and set or read a window's WM_HINTS property
XAllowEvents release queued events
XAnyEvent generic X event structures
XArc alias for XDrawArc
XAutoRepeatOff alias for XChangeKeyboardControl
XAutoRepeatOn alias for XChangeKeyboardControl
XBaseFontNameListOfFontSet alias for XFontsOfFontSet
XBell alias for XChangeKeyboardControl
XButtonEvent KeyPress, KeyRelease, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease, and MotionNotify event structures
XChangeActivePointerGrab alias for XGrabPointer
XChangeGC alias for XCreateGC
XChangeKeyboardControl manipulate keyboard settings and keyboard control structure
XChangeKeyboardMapping manipulate keyboard encoding and keyboard encoding structure
XChangePointerControl control pointer
XChangeProperty alias for XGetWindowProperty
XChangeSaveSet change a client's save set
XChangeWindowAttributes change window attributes
XChar2b alias for XLoadFont
XCharStruct alias for XLoadFont
XCheckIfEvent alias for XIfEvent
XCheckMaskEvent alias for XNextEvent
XCheckTypedEvent alias for XNextEvent
XCheckTypedWindowEvent alias for XNextEvent
XCheckWindowEvent alias for XNextEvent
XCirculateEvent CirculateNotify event structure
XCirculateRequestEvent CirculateRequest event structure
XCirculateSubwindows alias for XRaiseWindow
XCirculateSubwindowsDown alias for XRaiseWindow
XCirculateSubwindowsUp alias for XRaiseWindow
XClassHint alias for XAllocClassHint
XClearArea clear area or window
XClearWindow alias for XClearArea
XClientMessageEvent ClientMessage event structure
XClipBox alias for XPolygonRegion
XCloseDisplay alias for XOpenDisplay
XCloseIM alias for XOpenIM
XCloseOM alias for XOpenOM
XColor alias for XCreateColormap
XColormapEvent ColormapNotify event structure
XCompose alias for Compose(5)
XConfigureEvent ConfigureNotify event structure
XConfigureRequestEvent ConfigureRequest event structure
XConfigureWindow configure windows and window changes structure
XContextDependentDrawing alias for XFontsOfFontSet
XContextualDrawing alias for XFontsOfFontSet
XConvertCase alias for XStringToKeysym
XConvertSelection alias for XSetSelectionOwner
XCopyArea copy areas
XCopyColormapAndFree alias for XCreateColormap
XCopyGC alias for XCreateGC
XCopyPlane alias for XCopyArea
XCreateBitmapFromData alias for XReadBitmapFile
XCreateColormap create, copy, or destroy colormaps and color structure
XCreateFontCursor create cursors
XCreateFontSet create and free an international text drawing font set
XCreateGC create or free graphics contexts and graphics context structure
XCreateGlyphCursor alias for XCreateFontCursor
XCreateIC create, destroy, and obtain the input method of an input context
XCreateImage alias for XInitImage
XCreateOC create output contexts
XCreatePixmap create or destroy pixmaps
XCreatePixmapCursor alias for XCreateFontCursor
XCreatePixmapFromBitmapData alias for XReadBitmapFile
XCreateRegion create or destroy regions
XCreateSimpleWindow alias for XCreateWindow
XCreateWindow create windows and window attributes structure
XCreateWindowEvent CreateNotify event structure
XCrossingEvent EnterNotify and LeaveNotify event structure
XDefaultString alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty
XDefineCursor define cursors
XDeleteContext alias for XSaveContext
XDeleteModifiermapEntry alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XDeleteProperty alias for XGetWindowProperty
XDestroyIC alias for XCreateIC
XDestroyImage alias for XInitImage
XDestroyOC alias for XCreateOC
XDestroyRegion alias for XCreateRegion
XDestroySubwindows alias for XDestroyWindow
XDestroyWindow destroy windows
XDestroyWindowEvent DestroyNotify event structure
XDirectionalDependentDrawing alias for XFontsOfFontSet
XDisableAccessControl alias for XAddHost
XDisplayKeycodes alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XDisplayMotionBufferSize alias for XSendEvent
XDisplayName alias for XSetErrorHandler
XDisplayOfIM alias for XOpenIM
XDisplayOfOM alias for XOpenOM
XDrawArc draw arcs and arc structure
XDrawArcs alias for XDrawArc
XDrawImageString draw image text
XDrawImageString16 alias for XDrawImageString
XDrawLine draw lines, polygons, and line structure
XDrawLines alias for XDrawLine
XDrawPoint draw points and points structure
XDrawPoints alias for XDrawPoint
XDrawRectangle draw rectangles and rectangles structure
XDrawRectangles alias for XDrawRectangle
XDrawSegments alias for XDrawLine
XDrawString draw text characters
XDrawString16 alias for XDrawString
XDrawText draw polytext text and text drawing structures
XDrawText16 alias for XDrawText
XEmptyRegion determine if regions are empty or equal
XEnableAccessControl alias for XAddHost
XEqualRegion alias for XEmptyRegion
XErrorEvent X error event structure
XEvent alias for XAnyEvent
XEventsQueued alias for XFlush
XExposeEvent Expose event structure
XExtendedMaxRequestSize alias for AllPlanes
XExtentsOfFontSet obtain the maximum extents structure for a font set
XFetchBuffer alias for XStoreBytes
XFetchBytes alias for XStoreBytes
XFetchName alias for XSetWMName
XFillArc alias for XFillRectangle
XFillArcs alias for XFillRectangle
XFillPolygon alias for XFillRectangle
XFillRectangle fill rectangles, polygons, or arcs
XFillRectangles alias for XFillRectangle
XFilterEvent filter X events for an input method
XFindContext alias for XSaveContext
XFlush handle output buffer or event queue
XFocusChangeEvent FocusIn and FocusOut event structure
XFontProp alias for XLoadFont
XFontSetExtents XFontSetExtents structure
XFontStruct alias for XLoadFont
XFontsOfFontSet obtain fontset information
XForceScreenSaver alias for XSetScreenSaver
XFree free client data
XFreeColormap alias for XCreateColormap
XFreeColors alias for XAllocColor
XFreeCursor alias for XRecolorCursor
XFreeEventData alias for XGetEventData
XFreeExtensionList alias for XQueryExtension
XFreeFont alias for XLoadFont
XFreeFontInfo alias for XListFonts
XFreeFontNames alias for XListFonts
XFreeFontPath alias for XSetFontPath
XFreeFontSet alias for XCreateFontSet
XFreeGC alias for XCreateGC
XFreeModifiermap alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XFreePixmap alias for XCreatePixmap
XFreeStringList alias for XStringListToTextProperty
XGCValues alias for XCreateGC
XGContextFromGC alias for XCreateGC
XGenericEventCookie alias for XGetEventData
XGetAtomName alias for XInternAtom
XGetAtomNames alias for XInternAtom
XGetClassHint alias for XAllocClassHint
XGetCommand alias for XSetCommand
XGetErrorDatabaseText alias for XSetErrorHandler
XGetErrorText alias for XSetErrorHandler
XGetEventData retrieve and free additional event data through cookies.
XGetFontPath alias for XSetFontPath
XGetFontProperty alias for XLoadFont
XGetGCValues alias for XCreateGC
XGetGeometry alias for XGetWindowAttributes
XGetICValues alias for XSetICValues
XGetIMValues alias for XOpenIM
XGetIconName alias for XSetWMIconName
XGetIconSizes alias for XAllocIconSize
XGetImage alias for XPutImage
XGetInputFocus alias for XSetInputFocus
XGetKeyboardControl alias for XChangeKeyboardControl
XGetKeyboardMapping alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XGetModifierMapping alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XGetMotionEvents alias for XSendEvent
XGetOCValues alias for XCreateOC
XGetOMValues alias for XOpenOM
XGetPixel alias for XInitImage
XGetPointerControl alias for XChangePointerControl
XGetPointerMapping alias for XSetPointerMapping
XGetRGBColormaps alias for XAllocStandardColormap
XGetScreenSaver alias for XSetScreenSaver
XGetSelectionOwner alias for XSetSelectionOwner
XGetSubImage alias for XPutImage
XGetTextProperty alias for XSetTextProperty
XGetTransientForHint alias for XSetTransientForHint
XGetVisualInfo obtain visual information and visual structure
XGetWMClientMachine alias for XSetWMClientMachine
XGetWMColormapWindows alias for XSetWMColormapWindows
XGetWMHints alias for XAllocWMHints
XGetWMIconName alias for XSetWMIconName
XGetWMName alias for XSetWMName
XGetWMNormalHints alias for XAllocSizeHints
XGetWMProtocols alias for XSetWMProtocols
XGetWMSizeHints alias for XAllocSizeHints
XGetWindowAttributes get current window attribute or geometry and current window attributes structure
XGetWindowProperty obtain and change window properties
XGetXCBConnection get the XCB connection for an Xlib Display
XGrabButton grab pointer buttons
XGrabKey grab keyboard keys
XGrabKeyboard grab the keyboard
XGrabPointer grab the pointer
XGrabServer grab the server
XGraphicsExposeEvent GraphicsExpose and NoExpose event structures
XGravityEvent GravityNotify event structure
XHostAddress alias for XAddHost
XIMOfIC alias for XCreateIC
XIconSize alias for XAllocIconSize
XIconifyWindow manipulate top-level windows
XIfEvent check the event queue with a predicate procedure
XInitImage image utilities
XInitThreads multi-threading support
XInsertModifiermapEntry alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XInstallColormap control colormaps
XInternAtom create or return atom names
XInternAtoms alias for XInternAtom
XInternalConnectionNumbers alias for XAddConnectionWatch
XIntersectRegion region arithmetic
XKeyEvent alias for XButtonEvent
XKeyboardControl alias for XChangeKeyboardControl
XKeycodeToKeysym alias for XStringToKeysym
XKeymapEvent KeymapNotify event structure
XKeysymToKeycode alias for XStringToKeysym
XKeysymToString alias for XStringToKeysym
XKillClient alias for XSetCloseDownMode
XListDepths alias for AllPlanes
XListExtensions alias for XQueryExtension
XListFonts obtain or free font names and information
XListFontsWithInfo alias for XListFonts
XListHosts alias for XAddHost
XListInstalledColormaps alias for XInstallColormap
XListPixmapFormats alias for ImageByteOrder
XListProperties alias for XGetWindowProperty
XLoadFont load or unload fonts and font metric structures
XLoadQueryFont alias for XLoadFont
XLocaleOfFontSet alias for XFontsOfFontSet
XLocaleOfIM alias for XOpenIM
XLocaleOfOM alias for XOpenOM
XLockDisplay alias for XInitThreads
XLookupColor alias for XQueryColor
XLookupKeysym handle keyboard input events in Latin-1
XLookupString alias for XLookupKeysym
XLowerWindow alias for XRaiseWindow
XMapEvent MapNotify and MappingNotify event structures
XMapRaised alias for XMapWindow
XMapRequestEvent MapRequest event structure
XMapSubwindows alias for XMapWindow
XMapWindow map windows
XMappingEvent alias for XMapEvent
XMaskEvent alias for XNextEvent
XMatchVisualInfo alias for XGetVisualInfo
XMaxRequestSize alias for AllPlanes
XModifierKeymap alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XMotionEvent alias for XButtonEvent
XMoveResizeWindow alias for XConfigureWindow
XMoveWindow alias for XConfigureWindow
XNewModifiermap alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XNextEvent select events by type
XNoExposeEvent alias for XGraphicsExposeEvent
XNoOp No Operation
XOMOfOC alias for XCreateOC
XOffsetRegion alias for XIntersectRegion
XOpenDisplay connect or disconnect to X server
XOpenIM open, close, and obtain input method information
XOpenOM open output methods
XParseColor alias for XQueryColor
XParseGeometry parse window geometry
XPeekEvent alias for XNextEvent
XPeekIfEvent alias for XIfEvent
XPending alias for XFlush
XPixmapFormatValues alias for ImageByteOrder
XPoint alias for XDrawPoint
XPointInRegion alias for XEmptyRegion
XPolygonRegion generate regions
XProcessInternalConnection alias for XAddConnectionWatch
XPropertyEvent PropertyNotify event structure
XPutBackEvent put events back on the queue
XPutImage transfer images
XPutPixel alias for XInitImage
XQueryBestCursor alias for XRecolorCursor
XQueryBestSize determine efficient sizes
XQueryBestStipple alias for XQueryBestSize
XQueryBestTile alias for XQueryBestSize
XQueryColor obtain color values
XQueryColors alias for XQueryColor
XQueryExtension list available extensions
XQueryFont alias for XLoadFont
XQueryKeymap alias for XChangeKeyboardControl
XQueryPointer get pointer coordinates
XQueryTextExtents alias for XTextExtents
XQueryTextExtents16 alias for XTextExtents
XQueryTree query window tree information
XRaiseWindow change window stacking order
XReadBitmapFile manipulate bitmaps
XReadBitmapFileData alias for XReadBitmapFile
XRebindKeysym alias for XLookupKeysym
XRecolorCursor manipulate cursors
XReconfigureWMWindow alias for XIconifyWindow
XRectInRegion alias for XEmptyRegion
XRectangle alias for XDrawRectangle
XRefreshKeyboardMapping alias for XLookupKeysym
XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback alias for XOpenIM
XRemoveConnectionWatch alias for XAddConnectionWatch
XRemoveFromSaveSet alias for XChangeSaveSet
XRemoveHost alias for XAddHost
XRemoveHosts alias for XAddHost
XReparentEvent ReparentNotify event structure
XReparentWindow reparent windows
XResetScreenSaver alias for XSetScreenSaver
XResizeRequestEvent ResizeRequest event structure
XResizeWindow alias for XConfigureWindow
XResourceManagerString obtain server resource properties
XRestackWindows alias for XRaiseWindow
XRotateBuffers alias for XStoreBytes
XRotateWindowProperties alias for XGetWindowProperty
XSaveContext associative look-up routines
XScreenNumberOfScreen alias for BlackPixelOfScreen
XScreenResourceString alias for XResourceManagerString
XSegment alias for XDrawLine
XSelectInput select input events
XSelectionClearEvent SelectionClear event structure
XSelectionEvent SelectionNotify event structure
XSelectionRequestEvent SelectionRequest event structure
XSendEvent send events and pointer motion history structure
XSetAccessControl alias for XAddHost
XSetAfterFunction alias for XSynchronize
XSetArcMode GC convenience routines
XSetBackground alias for XSetState
XSetClassHint alias for XAllocClassHint
XSetClipMask alias for XSetClipOrigin
XSetClipOrigin GC convenience routines
XSetClipRectangles alias for XSetClipOrigin
XSetCloseDownMode control clients
XSetCommand set or read a window's WM_COMMAND property
XSetDashes alias for XSetLineAttributes
XSetErrorHandler default error handlers
XSetEventQueueOwner set event queue owner on a shared Xlib/XCB connection
XSetFillRule alias for XSetFillStyle
XSetFillStyle GC convenience routines
XSetFont GC convenience routines
XSetFontPath set, get, or free the font search path
XSetForeground alias for XSetState
XSetFunction alias for XSetState
XSetGraphicsExposure alias for XSetArcMode
XSetICFocus set and unset input context focus
XSetICValues set and obtain XIC values
XSetIMValues alias for XOpenIM
XSetIOErrorHandler alias for XSetErrorHandler
XSetIconName alias for XSetWMIconName
XSetIconSizes alias for XAllocIconSize
XSetInputFocus control input focus
XSetLineAttributes GC convenience routines
XSetLocaleModifiers alias for XSupportsLocale
XSetModifierMapping alias for XChangeKeyboardMapping
XSetOCValues alias for XCreateOC
XSetOMValues alias for XOpenOM
XSetPlaneMask alias for XSetState
XSetPointerMapping manipulate pointer settings
XSetRGBColormaps alias for XAllocStandardColormap
XSetRegion alias for XCreateRegion
XSetScreenSaver manipulate the screen saver
XSetSelectionOwner manipulate window selection
XSetState GC convenience routines
XSetStipple alias for XSetTile
XSetSubwindowMode alias for XSetArcMode
XSetTSOrigin alias for XSetTile
XSetTextProperty set and read text properties
XSetTile GC convenience routines
XSetTransientForHint set or read a window's WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property
XSetWMClientMachine set or read a window's WM_CLIENT_MACHINE property
XSetWMColormapWindows set or read a window's WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS property
XSetWMHints alias for XAllocWMHints
XSetWMIconName set or read a window's WM_ICON_NAME property
XSetWMName set or read a window's WM_NAME property
XSetWMNormalHints alias for XAllocSizeHints
XSetWMProperties set standard window properties
XSetWMProtocols set or read a window's WM_PROTOCOLS property
XSetWMSizeHints alias for XAllocSizeHints
XSetWindowAttributes alias for XCreateWindow
XSetWindowBackground alias for XChangeWindowAttributes
XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap alias for XChangeWindowAttributes
XSetWindowBorder alias for XChangeWindowAttributes
XSetWindowBorderPixmap alias for XChangeWindowAttributes
XSetWindowBorderWidth alias for XConfigureWindow
XSetWindowColormap alias for XChangeWindowAttributes
XShrinkRegion alias for XIntersectRegion
XSizeHints alias for XAllocSizeHints
XStandardColormap alias for XAllocStandardColormap
XStoreBuffer alias for XStoreBytes
XStoreBytes manipulate cut and paste buffers
XStoreColor alias for XStoreColors
XStoreColors set colors
XStoreName alias for XSetWMName
XStoreNamedColor alias for XStoreColors
XStringListToTextProperty convert string lists and text property structure
XStringToKeysym convert keysyms
XSubImage alias for XInitImage
XSubtractRegion alias for XIntersectRegion
XSupportsLocale determine locale support and configure locale modifiers
XSync alias for XFlush
XSynchronize enable or disable synchronization
XTextExtents compute or query text extents
XTextExtents16 alias for XTextExtents
XTextItem alias for XDrawText
XTextItem16 alias for XDrawText
XTextProperty alias for XStringListToTextProperty
XTextPropertyToStringList alias for XStringListToTextProperty
XTextWidth compute text width
XTextWidth16 alias for XTextWidth
XTimeCoord alias for XSendEvent
XTranslateCoordinates translate window coordinates
XUndefineCursor alias for XDefineCursor
XUngrabButton alias for XGrabButton
XUngrabKey alias for XGrabKey
XUngrabKeyboard alias for XGrabKeyboard
XUngrabPointer alias for XGrabPointer
XUngrabServer alias for XGrabServer
XUninstallColormap alias for XInstallColormap
XUnionRectWithRegion alias for XIntersectRegion
XUnionRegion alias for XIntersectRegion
XUniqueContext alias for XSaveContext
XUnloadFont alias for XLoadFont
XUnlockDisplay alias for XInitThreads
XUnmapEvent UnmapNotify event structure
XUnmapSubwindows alias for XUnmapWindow
XUnmapWindow unmap windows
XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback alias for XOpenIM
XUnsetICFocus alias for XSetICFocus
XVaCreateNestedList allocate a nested variable argument list
XVisibilityEvent VisibilityNotify event structure
XVisualIDFromVisual alias for XGetVisualInfo
XVisualInfo alias for XGetVisualInfo
XWMGeometry alias for XParseGeometry
XWMHints alias for XAllocWMHints
XWarpPointer move pointer
XWindowAttributes alias for XGetWindowAttributes
XWindowChanges alias for XConfigureWindow
XWindowEvent alias for XNextEvent
XWithdrawWindow alias for XIconifyWindow
XWriteBitmapFile alias for XReadBitmapFile
XXorRegion alias for XIntersectRegion
XcmsAllocColor allocate colors
XcmsAllocNamedColor alias for XcmsAllocColor
XcmsCCCOfColormap query and modify CCC of a colormap
XcmsCIELab alias for XcmsColor
XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC obtain the CIE L*a*b* coordinates
XcmsCIELabQueryMaxL alias for XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC
XcmsCIELabQueryMaxLC alias for XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC
XcmsCIELabQueryMinL alias for XcmsCIELabQueryMaxC
XcmsCIELuv alias for XcmsColor
XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC obtain the CIE L*u*v* coordinates
XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxL alias for XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC
XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxLC alias for XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC
XcmsCIELuvQueryMinL alias for XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC
XcmsCIEXYZ alias for XcmsColor
XcmsCIEuvY alias for XcmsColor
XcmsCIExyY alias for XcmsColor
XcmsColor Xcms color structure
XcmsConvertColors convert CCC color specifications
XcmsCreateCCC creating and destroying CCCs
XcmsDefaultCCC obtain the default CCC for a screen
XcmsFreeCCC alias for XcmsCreateCCC
XcmsLookupColor alias for XcmsQueryColor
XcmsPad alias for XcmsColor
XcmsQueryBlack obtain black, blue, green, red, and white CCC color specifications
XcmsQueryBlue alias for XcmsQueryBlack
XcmsQueryColor obtain color values
XcmsQueryColors alias for XcmsQueryColor
XcmsQueryGreen alias for XcmsQueryBlack
XcmsQueryRed alias for XcmsQueryBlack
XcmsQueryWhite alias for XcmsQueryBlack
XcmsRGB alias for XcmsColor
XcmsRGBi alias for XcmsColor
XcmsSetCCCOfColormap alias for XcmsCCCOfColormap
XcmsSetWhiteAdjustProc alias for XcmsSetWhitePoint
XcmsSetWhitePoint modifying CCC attributes
XcmsStoreColor set colors
XcmsStoreColors alias for XcmsStoreColor
XcmsTekHVC alias for XcmsColor
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC obtain the TekHVC coordinates
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxV alias for XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxVC alias for XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC
XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxVSamples alias for XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC
XcmsTekHVCQueryMinV alias for XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC
XkbActionCtrls Returns the ctrls fields of act converted to an unsigned int
XkbActionSetCtrls Sets the ctrls0 through ctrls3 fields of act from ctrls
XkbAddDeviceLedInfo Initialize an XkbDeviceLedInfoRec structure
XkbAddGeomColor Add one color name to an existing keyboard geometry description
XkbAddGeomDoodad Add one doodad to a section of a keyboard geometry or to the top-level geometry
XkbAddGeomKey Add one key at the end of an existing row of keys
XkbAddGeomKeyAlias Add one key alias to an existing keyboard geometry description
XkbAddGeomOutline Add one outline to an existing shape
XkbAddGeomOverlay Add one overlay to a section
XkbAddGeomOverlayKey Add a key to an existing overlay row
XkbAddGeomOverlayRow Add a row to an existing overlay
XkbAddGeomProperty Add one property to an existing keyboard geometry description
XkbAddGeomRow Add a row to a section
XkbAddGeomSection Add one section to an existing keyboard geometry
XkbAddGeomShape Add a shape to a keyboard geometry
XkbAddSymInterpret Add a symbol interpretation to the list of symbol interpretations in an XkbCompatRec
XkbAllocClientMap Allocate and initialize an empty client map description record
XkbAllocCompatMap Allocate a new compatibility map if you do not already have one available
XkbAllocControls Allocates an XkbControlsRec structure in the XkbDescRec
XkbAllocDeviceInfo Obtain an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure
XkbAllocGeomColors Allocate geometry colors
XkbAllocGeomDoodads Allocate doodads that are global to a keyboard geometry
XkbAllocGeomKeyAliases Allocate geometry key aliases
XkbAllocGeomKeys Allocate space for an arbitrary number of keys to a row
XkbAllocGeomOutlines Allocate space for an arbitrary number of outlines to a shape
XkbAllocGeomOverlayKeys Allocate keys in an overlay row
XkbAllocGeomOverlayRows Allocate rows in a overlay
XkbAllocGeomOverlays Allocate overlays in a section
XkbAllocGeomPoints Allocate points in an outline
XkbAllocGeomProps Allocate geometry properties
XkbAllocGeomRows Allocate rows in a section
XkbAllocGeomSectionDoodads Allocate doodads that are specific to a section
XkbAllocGeomSections Allocate geometry sections
XkbAllocGeomShapes Allocate space for an arbitrary number of geometry shapes
XkbAllocGeometry Allocate an entire geometry
XkbAllocIndicatorMaps Allocates, directly, the indicators member of the keyboard description record
XkbAllocKeyboard Creates a keyboard description from scratch
XkbAllocNames Allocate symbolic names structures
XkbAllocServerMap Allocate and initialize an empty server map description record
XkbApplyCompatMapToKey Apply the new compatibility mapping to an individual key to get its semantics updated
XkbBell Rings the bell on the default keyboard
XkbBellEvent Provides a function that initiates a bell event for the keyboard without ringing the bell
XkbChangeControls Provides a flexible method for updating the controls in a server to match those in the changed keyboard description
XkbChangeDeviceInfo Update the server's description of a device with the changes noted in an XkbDeviceChangesRec
XkbChangeEnabledControls Manipulates the EnabledControls control
XkbChangeMap Update only partial components of a keyboard description, modify the appropriate fields in the server and map components of a local copy of the keyboard…
XkbChangeNames Change symbolic names in the server
XkbChangeTypesOfKey Change the number of groups and the types bound to a key
XkbComputeRowBounds Update the bounding box of a row
XkbComputeSectionBounds Update the bounding box of a section
XkbComputeShapeBounds Updates the bounding box of a shape
XkbComputeShapeTop Determines the bounding box of the top surface of a shape
XkbCopyKeyType Copy one XkbKeyTypeRec structures
XkbCopyKeyTypes Copy more than one XkbKeyTypeRec structure
XkbDeviceBell Rings the bell on an X input extension device or the default keyboard
XkbDeviceBellEvent Creates a bell event for an X input extension device or for the keyboard, without ringing the corresponding bell
XkbFindOverlayForKey Find the alternate name by using the primary name for a key that is part of an overlay
XkbForceBell Overrides user preference settings for audible bells to ring the bell on the default keyboard
XkbForceDeviceBell Rings the bell on any keyboard, overriding user preference settings for audible bells
XkbFreeClientMap Free memory used by the client map member of an XkbDescRec structure
XkbFreeCompatMap Free an entire compatibility map or selected portions of one
XkbFreeComponentList Free the structure returned by XkbListComponents
XkbFreeControls Frees memory used by the ctrls member of an XkbDescRec structure
XkbFreeDeviceInfo Free an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure
XkbFreeGeomColors Free geometry colors
XkbFreeGeomDoodads Free geometry doodads
XkbFreeGeomKeyAliases Free geometry key aliases
XkbFreeGeomKeys Free geometry keys
XkbFreeGeomOutlines Free geometry outlines
XkbFreeGeomOverlayKeys Free keys in an overlay row
XkbFreeGeomOverlayRows Free rows in an overlay
XkbFreeGeomOverlays Free rows in a section
XkbFreeGeomPoints Free points in a outline
XkbFreeGeomProperties Free geometry properties
XkbFreeGeomRows Free rows in a section
XkbFreeGeomSections Free geometry sections
XkbFreeGeomShapes Free geometry shapes
XkbFreeGeometry Free an entire geometry
XkbFreeIndicatorMaps Frees memory used by the indicators member of an XkbDescRec structure
XkbFreeKeyboard Destroys either an entire XkbDescRec or just some of its members
XkbFreeNames Free symbolic names structures
XkbFreeServerMap Free memory used by the server member of an XkbDescRec structure
XkbGetAutoRepeatRate Gets the current attributes of the RepeatKeys control for a keyboard device
XkbGetAutoResetControls Gets the current values of the auto-reset controls
XkbGetCompatMap Fetch any combination of the current compatibility map components from the server
XkbGetControls Finds the current state of Xkb server controls
XkbGetControlsChanges Updates a local copy of a keyboard description with the changes previously noted by one or more calls to XkbNoteControlsChanges
XkbGetDetectableAutoRepeat Determines whether or not the server supports DetectableAutoRepeat
XkbGetDeviceButtonActions Query the button actions associated with an X Input Extension device
XkbGetDeviceInfo Determine whether the X server allows Xkb access to particular capabilities of input devices other than the core X keyboard, or to determine the status of…
XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges Query the changes that have occurred in the button actions or indicator names and indicator maps associated with an input extension device
XkbGetDeviceLedInfo Query the indicator names, maps, and state associated with an LED feedback of an input extension device
XkbGetGeometry Loads a keyboard geometry if you already have the keyboard description
XkbGetIndicatorMap Gets the map for one or more indicators, using a mask to specify the indicators
XkbGetIndicatorState Obtains the current state of the keyboard indicators
XkbGetKeyActions Update the actions (the key_acts array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
XkbGetKeyBehaviors Obtain the behaviors (the behaviors array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description from the server
XkbGetKeyExplicitComponents Obtain the explicit components (the explicit array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
XkbGetKeyModifierMap Update the modifier map for one or more of the keys in a keyboard description
XkbGetKeySyms Obtain the symbols for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
XkbGetKeyTypes Obtain the list of available key types in the server's keyboard mapping
XkbGetKeyVirtualModMap Obtain the virtual modifier map (the vmodmap array) for a subset of the keys in a keyboard description
XkbGetKeyboard Retrieves one or more components of a keyboard device description
XkbGetKeyboardByName Build a new keyboard description from a set of named components, and to optionally have the server use the resulting description to replace an active one
XkbGetMap Allocate an XkbDescRec structure and populate it with the server's keyboard client map and server map
XkbGetNamedDeviceIndicator alias for XkbGetNamedIndicator
XkbGetNamedGeometry Loads a keyboard geometry description from this database by name
XkbGetNamedIndicator Look up the indicator map and other information for an indicator by name
XkbGetNames Obtain symbolic names from the server
XkbGetState Obtains the keyboard state
XkbGetUpdatedMap Update the client or server map information in an existing keyboard description
XkbGetVirtualMods Obtain a subset of the virtual modifier bindings (the vmods array) in a keyboard description
XkbGetXlibControls Determines the current state of the Library Controls
XkbIgnoreExtension Prevents core X library keyboard functions from using the X Keyboard Extension
XkbInitCanonicalKeyTypes Set the definitions of the canonical key types in a client map to their default values
XkbKeyAction Returns the key action
XkbKeyActionEntry Returns a pointer to the key action corresponding to group grp and shift level lvl from the two-dimensional table of key actions associated with the key…
XkbKeyActionsPtr Returns a pointer to the two-dimensional array of key actions associated with the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyGroupInfo Returns the number of groups of symbols bound to the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyGroupWidth Computes the width of the type associated with the group grp for the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyGroupsWidth Computes the maximum width associated with the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyHasActions Determines if the key corresponding to keycode has any actions associated with it
XkbKeyKeyType Obtain the index of a key type or the pointer to a key type
XkbKeyKeyTypeIndex Obtain the index of a key type or the pointer to a key type
XkbKeyNumActions Computes the number of actions associated with the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyNumGroups Returns the number of groups of symbols bound to the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyNumSyms Returns the total number of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeySymEntry Returns the keysym corresponding to shift level shift and group grp from the two-dimensional array of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeySymsPtr Returns the pointer to the two-dimensional array of keysyms for the key corresponding to keycode
XkbKeyTypesForCoreSymbols Determine the Xkb key types appropriate for the symbols bound to a key in a core keyboard mapping
XkbKeycodeToKeysym Finds the keysym bound to a particular key at a specified group and shift level
XkbKeysymToModifiers Finds the set of modifiers bound to a particular keysym on the core keyboard
XkbLatchGroup Latches the keysym group
XkbLatchModifiers Latches and unlatches any of the eight real keyboard modifiers
XkbLibraryVersion Determines the compatibility of a library at runtime.
XkbListComponents List of components for one or more component types
XkbLockGroup Locks the keysym group
XkbLockModifiers Locks and unlocks any of the eight real keyboard modifiers
XkbLookupKeyBinding Find the string bound to a key by XRebindKeySym
XkbLookupKeySym Find the symbol associated with a key for a particular state
XkbModActionVMods Returns the vmods1 and vmods2 fields of act converted to the vmods format of an Xkb modifier description
XkbNoteControlsChanges Notes the changes in a changes structure when a client receives an XkbControlsNotify event
XkbNoteDeviceChanges Note device changes reported in an XkbExtensionDeviceNotify event
XkbNoteNameChanges Note the changed names in a changes structure
XkbOpenDisplay Checks for a compatible version of the Xkb extension in both the library and the server, and initializes the extension for use.
XkbOutOfRangeGroupInfo Returns only the out-of-range processing information from the group_info field of an XkbSymMapRec structure
XkbOutOfRangeGroupNumber Returns the out-of-range group number, represented as a group index, from the group_info field of an XkbSymMapRec structure
XkbPtrActionX Returns the high_XXX and low_XXX fields of act converted to a signed int
XkbPtrActionY Returns the high_YYY and low_YYY fields of act converted to a signed int
XkbQueryExtension Determines the compatibility of a library at runtime.
XkbRefreshKeyboardMapping Update the keyboard description that is internal to the X library
XkbResizeDeviceButtonActions Allocate additional space for button actions in an XkbDeviceInfoRec structure
XkbResizeKeyActions Change the number of actions bound to a key
XkbResizeKeySyms Change the number of symbols bound to a key
XkbResizeKeyType Change the number of levels in a key type
XkbSAGroup Returns the group_XXX field of act converted to a signed int
XkbSAPtrDfltValue Returns the valueXXX field of act converted to a signed int
XkbSARedirectSetVMods Sets the vmods0 and vmods1 of act from v
XkbSARedirectSetVModsMask Sets the vmods_mask0 and vmods_mask1 fields of act from vm
XkbSARedirectVMods Returns the vmods0 and vmods1 fields of act converted to an unsigned int
XkbSARedirectVModsMask Returns the vmods_mask0 and vmods_mask1 fields of act converted to an unsigned int
XkbSAScreen Returns the screenXXX field of act converted to a signed int
XkbSASetGroup Sets the group_XXX field of act from the group index grp
XkbSASetPtrDfltValue Sets the valueXXX field of act from val
XkbSASetScreen Sets the screenXXX field of act from s
XkbSelectEventDetails Selects or deselects for a specific Xkb event and optionally places conditions on when events of that type are reported to your client
XkbSelectEvents Selects and / or deselects for delivery of one or more Xkb events and has them delivered under all conditions
XkbSetAutoRepeatRate Sets the attributes of the RepeatKeys control for a keyboard device
XkbSetAutoResetControls Changes the current values of the AutoReset control attributes
XkbSetCompatMap Modify the server's compatibility map
XkbSetControls Copies changes to the X server based on a modified ctrls structure in a local copy of the keyboard description
XkbSetDebuggingFlags Change the values of any of the debug controls
XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat Sets DetectableAutoRepeat
XkbSetDeviceButtonActions Change only the button actions for an input extension device
XkbSetDeviceInfo Modify some or all of the characteristics of an X Input Extension device
XkbSetIgnoreLockMods Sets the modifiers that, if locked, are not to be reported in matching events to passive grabs
XkbSetIndicatorMap Downloads the changes to the server based on modifications to a local copy of the keyboard description which will update the maps for one or more indicators
XkbSetMap Send a complete new set of values for entire components to the server.
XkbSetModActionVMods Sets the vmods1 and vmods2 fields of act using the vmods format of an Xkb modifier description
XkbSetNamedDeviceIndicator alias for XkbSetNamedIndicator
XkbSetNamedIndicator Names an indicator if it is not already named; toggles the state of the indicator; sets the indicator to a specified state and sets the indicator map for the…
XkbSetNames Change the symbolic names in the server
XkbSetPtrActionX Sets the high_XXX and low_XXX fields of act from the signed integer value x
XkbSetPtrActionY Sets the high_YYY and low_YYY fields of act from the signed integer value y
XkbSetServerInternalMods Sets the modifiers that are consumed by the server before events are delivered to the client
XkbSetXlibControls Changes the state of the Library Controls
XkbTranslateKeyCode Translate a keycode to a key symbol and modifiers
XkbTranslateKeySym Find the string and symbol associated with a keysym for a given keyboard state
XkbUpdateMapFromCore Update a local Xkb keyboard map to reflect the mapping expressed by a core format mapping
XkbVirtualModsToReal Determines the mapping of virtual modifiers to core X protocol modifiers
XmbDrawImageString draw image text using a single font set
XmbDrawString draw text using a single font set
XmbDrawText draw text using multiple font sets
XmbLookupString obtain composed input from an input method
XmbResetIC reset the state of an input context
XmbSetWMProperties alias for XSetWMProperties
XmbTextEscapement obtain the escapement of text
XmbTextExtents compute text extents
XmbTextListToTextProperty convert text lists and text property structures
XmbTextPerCharExtents obtain per-character information for a text string
XmbTextPropertyToTextList alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty
XrmCombineDatabase alias for XrmMergeDatabases
XrmCombineFileDatabase alias for XrmMergeDatabases
XrmDestroyDatabase alias for XrmGetFileDatabase
XrmEnumerateDatabase enumerate resource database entries
XrmGetDatabase alias for XrmGetFileDatabase
XrmGetFileDatabase retrieve and store resource databases
XrmGetResource retrieve database resources and search lists
XrmGetStringDatabase alias for XrmGetFileDatabase
XrmInitialize initialize the Resource Manager, Resource Manager structures, and parse the command line
XrmLocaleOfDatabase alias for XrmGetFileDatabase
XrmMergeDatabases merge resource databases
XrmOptionDescRec alias for XrmInitialize
XrmOptionKind alias for XrmInitialize
XrmParseCommand alias for XrmInitialize
XrmPermStringToQuark alias for XrmUniqueQuark
XrmPutFileDatabase alias for XrmGetFileDatabase
XrmPutLineResource alias for XrmPutResource
XrmPutResource store database resources
XrmPutStringResource alias for XrmPutResource
XrmQGetResource alias for XrmGetResource
XrmQGetSearchList alias for XrmGetResource
XrmQGetSearchResource alias for XrmGetResource
XrmQPutResource alias for XrmPutResource
XrmQPutStringResource alias for XrmPutResource
XrmQuarkToString alias for XrmUniqueQuark
XrmSetDatabase alias for XrmGetFileDatabase
XrmStringToBindingQuarkList alias for XrmUniqueQuark
XrmStringToQuark alias for XrmUniqueQuark
XrmStringToQuarkList alias for XrmUniqueQuark
XrmUniqueQuark manipulate resource quarks
XrmValue alias for XrmInitialize
Xutf8DrawImageString alias for XmbDrawImageString
Xutf8DrawString alias for XmbDrawString
Xutf8DrawText alias for XmbDrawText
Xutf8LookupString alias for XmbLookupString
Xutf8ResetIC alias for XmbResetIC
Xutf8SetWMProperties alias for XSetWMProperties
Xutf8TextEscapement alias for XmbTextEscapement
Xutf8TextExtents alias for XmbTextExtents
Xutf8TextListToTextProperty alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty
Xutf8TextPerCharExtents alias for XmbTextPerCharExtents
Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty
XwcDrawImageString alias for XmbDrawImageString
XwcDrawString alias for XmbDrawString
XwcDrawText alias for XmbDrawText
XwcFreeStringList alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty
XwcLookupString alias for XmbLookupString
XwcResetIC alias for XmbResetIC
XwcTextEscapement alias for XmbTextEscapement
XwcTextExtents alias for XmbTextExtents
XwcTextListToTextProperty alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty
XwcTextPerCharExtents alias for XmbTextPerCharExtents
XwcTextPropertyToTextList alias for XmbTextListToTextProperty

File Formats

Compose X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
XCompose alias for Compose