Package libvmem-devel

Development files for the Volatile Memory allocation library

The libvmem library turns a pool of persistent memory into a volatile
memory pool, similar to the system heap but kept separate and with
its own malloc-style API.

This sub-package contains libraries and header files for developing
applications that want to make use of libvmem.

Version: 1.8

Library Functions

vmem_aligned_alloc alias for vmem_malloc
vmem_calloc alias for vmem_malloc
vmem_check alias for vmem_create
vmem_check_version alias for libvmem(7)
vmem_create volatile memory pool management
vmem_create_in_region alias for vmem_create
vmem_delete alias for vmem_create
vmem_errormsg alias for libvmem(7)
vmem_free alias for vmem_malloc
vmem_malloc memory allocation related functions
vmem_malloc_usable_size alias for vmem_malloc
vmem_realloc alias for vmem_malloc
vmem_set_funcs alias for libvmem(7)
vmem_stats_print alias for vmem_create
vmem_strdup alias for vmem_malloc
vmem_wcsdup alias for vmem_malloc


libvmem volatile memory allocation library