Package libuuid-devel

Universally unique ID library

This is the universally unique ID development library and headers,
part of util-linux.

The libuuid library generates and parses 128-bit universally unique
id's (UUID's). A UUID is an identifier that is unique across both
space and time, with respect to the space of all UUIDs. A UUID can
be used for multiple purposes, from tagging objects with an extremely
short lifetime, to reliably identifying very persistent objects
across a network.

See also the "uuid-devel" package, which is a separate implementation.

Version: 2.38.1

Library Functions

uuid DCE compatible Universally Unique Identifier library
uuid_clear reset value of UUID variable to the NULL value
uuid_compare compare whether two UUIDs are the same
uuid_copy copy a UUID value
uuid_generate create a new unique UUID value
uuid_generate_random alias for uuid_generate
uuid_generate_time alias for uuid_generate
uuid_generate_time_safe alias for uuid_generate
uuid_is_null compare the value of the UUID to the NULL value
uuid_parse convert an input UUID string into binary representation
uuid_time extract the time at which the UUID was created
uuid_unparse convert a UUID from binary representation to a string