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Package liburing-devel

Development files for Linux-native io_uring I/O access library


This package provides header files to include and libraries to link with
for the Linux-native io_uring.

Version: 2.6

System Calls

io_uring_enter initiate and/or complete asynchronous I/O
io_uring_enter2 alias for io_uring_enter
io_uring_register register files or user buffers for asynchronous I/O
io_uring_setup setup a context for performing asynchronous I/O

Library Functions

IO_URING_CHECK_VERSION alias for io_uring_check_version
IO_URING_VERSION_MAJOR alias for io_uring_check_version
IO_URING_VERSION_MINOR alias for io_uring_check_version
__io_uring_buf_ring_cq_advance alias for io_uring_buf_ring_cq_advance
io_uring_buf_ring_add add buffers to a shared buffer ring
io_uring_buf_ring_advance advance index of provided buffer in buffer ring
io_uring_buf_ring_available return number of unconsumed provided ring buffer entries
io_uring_buf_ring_cq_advance advance index of provided buffer and CQ ring
io_uring_buf_ring_init Initialise a buffer ring
io_uring_buf_ring_mask Calculate buffer ring mask size
io_uring_check_version functions and macros to check the liburing version
io_uring_close_ring_fd close a ring file descriptor and use it only via registered index
io_uring_cq_advance mark one or more io_uring completion events as consumed
io_uring_cq_has_overflow returns if there are overflow entries waiting to move to the CQ ring
io_uring_cq_ready returns number of unconsumed ready entries in the CQ ring
io_uring_cqe_get_data get user data for completion event
io_uring_cqe_get_data64 alias for io_uring_cqe_get_data
io_uring_cqe_seen mark io_uring completion event as consumed
io_uring_for_each_cqe iterate pending completion events
io_uring_free_buf_ring register and free a buffer ring for provided buffers
io_uring_free_probe free probe instance
io_uring_get_events Flush outstanding requests to CQE ring
io_uring_get_probe get probe instance
io_uring_get_sqe get the next available submission queue entry from the submission queue
io_uring_major_version alias for io_uring_check_version
io_uring_minor_version alias for io_uring_check_version
io_uring_opcode_supported is op code supported?
io_uring_peek_cqe check if an io_uring completion event is available
io_uring_prep_accept prepare an accept request
io_uring_prep_accept_direct alias for io_uring_prep_accept
io_uring_prep_cancel prepare a cancelation request
io_uring_prep_cancel64 alias for io_uring_prep_cancel
io_uring_prep_cancel_fd alias for io_uring_prep_cancel
io_uring_prep_close prepare a file descriptor close request
io_uring_prep_close_direct alias for io_uring_prep_close
io_uring_prep_cmd prepare a command request for a socket
io_uring_prep_connect prepare a connect request
io_uring_prep_fadvise prepare a fadvise request
io_uring_prep_fallocate prepare a fallocate request
io_uring_prep_fgetxattr alias for io_uring_prep_getxattr
io_uring_prep_files_update prepare a registered file update request
io_uring_prep_fixed_fd_install prepare fixed file fd installation request
io_uring_prep_fsetxattr alias for io_uring_prep_setxattr
io_uring_prep_fsync prepare an fsync request
io_uring_prep_ftruncate prepare an ftruncate request
io_uring_prep_futex_wait prepare a futex wait request
io_uring_prep_futex_waitv prepare a futex waitv request
io_uring_prep_futex_wake prepare a futex wake request
io_uring_prep_getxattr prepare a request to get an extended attribute value
io_uring_prep_link alias for io_uring_prep_linkat
io_uring_prep_link_timeout a timeout request for linked sqes
io_uring_prep_linkat prepare a linkat request
io_uring_prep_madvise prepare a madvise request
io_uring_prep_mkdir alias for io_uring_prep_mkdirat
io_uring_prep_mkdirat prepare an mkdirat request
io_uring_prep_msg_ring send a message to another ring
io_uring_prep_msg_ring_cqe_flags alias for io_uring_prep_msg_ring
io_uring_prep_msg_ring_fd send a direct descriptor to another ring
io_uring_prep_msg_ring_fd_alloc alias for io_uring_prep_msg_ring_fd
io_uring_prep_multishot_accept alias for io_uring_prep_accept
io_uring_prep_multishot_accept_direct alias for io_uring_prep_accept
io_uring_prep_nop prepare a nop request
io_uring_prep_openat prepare an openat request
io_uring_prep_openat2 prepare an openat2 request
io_uring_prep_openat2_direct alias for io_uring_prep_openat2
io_uring_prep_openat_direct alias for io_uring_prep_openat
io_uring_prep_poll_add prepare a poll request
io_uring_prep_poll_multishot alias for io_uring_prep_poll_add
io_uring_prep_poll_remove prepare a poll deletion request
io_uring_prep_poll_update update an existing poll request
io_uring_prep_provide_buffers prepare a provide buffers request
io_uring_prep_read prepare I/O read request
io_uring_prep_read_fixed prepare I/O read request with registered buffer
io_uring_prep_read_multishot prepare I/O read multishot request
io_uring_prep_readv prepare vector I/O read request
io_uring_prep_readv2 prepare vector I/O read request with flags
io_uring_prep_recv prepare a recv request
io_uring_prep_recv_multishot alias for io_uring_prep_recv
io_uring_prep_recvmsg prepare a recvmsg request
io_uring_prep_recvmsg_multishot alias for io_uring_prep_recvmsg
io_uring_prep_remove_buffers prepare a remove buffers request
io_uring_prep_rename alias for io_uring_prep_renameat
io_uring_prep_renameat prepare a renameat request
io_uring_prep_send prepare a send request
io_uring_prep_send_set_addr set address details for send requests
io_uring_prep_send_zc prepare a zerocopy send request
io_uring_prep_send_zc_fixed alias for io_uring_prep_send_zc
io_uring_prep_sendmsg prepare a sendmsg request
io_uring_prep_sendmsg_zc alias for io_uring_prep_sendmsg
io_uring_prep_sendto alias for io_uring_prep_send
io_uring_prep_setxattr prepare a request to set an extended attribute value
io_uring_prep_shutdown prepare a shutdown request
io_uring_prep_socket prepare a socket creation request
io_uring_prep_socket_direct alias for io_uring_prep_socket
io_uring_prep_socket_direct_alloc alias for io_uring_prep_socket
io_uring_prep_splice prepare an splice request
io_uring_prep_statx prepare a statx request
io_uring_prep_symlink alias for io_uring_prep_symlinkat
io_uring_prep_symlinkat prepare a symlinkat request
io_uring_prep_sync_file_range prepare a sync_file_range request
io_uring_prep_tee prepare a tee request
io_uring_prep_timeout prepare a timeout request
io_uring_prep_timeout_remove alias for io_uring_prep_timeout_update
io_uring_prep_timeout_update prepare a request to update an existing timeout
io_uring_prep_unlink alias for io_uring_prep_unlinkat
io_uring_prep_unlinkat prepare an unlinkat request
io_uring_prep_waitid prepare a waitid request
io_uring_prep_write prepare I/O write request
io_uring_prep_write_fixed prepare I/O write request with registered buffer
io_uring_prep_writev prepare vector I/O write request
io_uring_prep_writev2 prepare vector I/O write request with flags
io_uring_queue_exit tear down io_uring submission and completion queues
io_uring_queue_init setup io_uring submission and completion queues
io_uring_queue_init_mem alias for io_uring_queue_init
io_uring_queue_init_params alias for io_uring_queue_init
io_uring_recvmsg_cmsg_firsthdr alias for io_uring_recvmsg_validate
io_uring_recvmsg_cmsg_nexthdr alias for io_uring_recvmsg_validate
io_uring_recvmsg_name alias for io_uring_recvmsg_validate
io_uring_recvmsg_out alias for io_uring_recvmsg_validate
io_uring_recvmsg_payload alias for io_uring_recvmsg_validate
io_uring_recvmsg_payload_length alias for io_uring_recvmsg_validate
io_uring_recvmsg_validate access data from multishot recvmsg
io_uring_register_buf_ring register buffer ring for provided buffers
io_uring_register_buffers register buffers for fixed buffer operations
io_uring_register_buffers_sparse alias for io_uring_register_buffers
io_uring_register_buffers_tags alias for io_uring_register_buffers
io_uring_register_buffers_update_tag alias for io_uring_register_buffers
io_uring_register_eventfd register an eventfd with a ring
io_uring_register_eventfd_async alias for io_uring_register_eventfd
io_uring_register_file_alloc_range set range for fixed file allocations
io_uring_register_files register file descriptors
io_uring_register_files_sparse alias for io_uring_register_files
io_uring_register_files_tags alias for io_uring_register_files
io_uring_register_files_update alias for io_uring_register_files
io_uring_register_files_update_tag alias for io_uring_register_files
io_uring_register_iowq_aff register async worker CPU affinities
io_uring_register_iowq_max_workers modify the maximum allowed async workers
io_uring_register_napi register NAPI busy poll settings
io_uring_register_ring_fd register a ring file descriptor
io_uring_register_sync_cancel issue a synchronous cancelation request
io_uring_setup_buf_ring setup and register buffer ring for provided buffers
io_uring_sq_ready number of unconsumed or unsubmitted entries in the SQ ring
io_uring_sq_space_left free space in the SQ ring
io_uring_sqe_set_data set user data for submission queue event
io_uring_sqe_set_data64 alias for io_uring_sqe_set_data
io_uring_sqe_set_flags set flags for submission queue entry
io_uring_sqring_wait wait for free space in the SQ ring
io_uring_submit submit requests to the submission queue
io_uring_submit_and_get_events submit requests to the submission queue and flush completions
io_uring_submit_and_wait submit requests to the submission queue and wait for completion
io_uring_submit_and_wait_timeout submit requests to the submission queue and wait for the completion with timeout
io_uring_unregister_buf_ring unregister a previously registered buffer ring
io_uring_unregister_buffers unregister buffers for fixed buffer operations
io_uring_unregister_eventfd alias for io_uring_register_eventfd
io_uring_unregister_files unregister file descriptors
io_uring_unregister_iowq_aff alias for io_uring_register_iowq_aff
io_uring_unregister_napi unregister NAPI busy poll settings
io_uring_unregister_ring_fd unregister a ring file descriptor
io_uring_wait_cqe wait for one io_uring completion event
io_uring_wait_cqe_nr wait for one or more io_uring completion events
io_uring_wait_cqe_timeout wait for one io_uring completion event with timeout
io_uring_wait_cqes wait for one or more io_uring completion events


io_uring Asynchronous I/O facility