Package libunwind-devel

Development package for libunwind

The libunwind-devel package includes the libraries and header files for

Version: 1.6.2

Library Functions

_U_dyn_cancel cancel unwind-info for dynamically generated code
_U_dyn_register register unwind-info for dynamically generated code
libunwind a (mostly) platform-independent unwind API
libunwind-dynamic libunwind-support for runtime-generated code
libunwind-ia64 IA-64-specific support in libunwind
libunwind-ptrace ptrace() support in libunwind
libunwind-setjmp libunwind-based non-local gotos
unw_apply_reg_state apply a register state update to a cursor
unw_backtrace return backtrace for the calling program
unw_create_addr_space create address space for remote unwinding
unw_destroy_addr_space destroy unwind address space
unw_flush_cache flush cached info
unw_get_accessors get pointer to accessor call-backs
unw_get_fpreg get contents of floating-point register
unw_get_proc_info get info on current procedure
unw_get_proc_info_by_ip get procedure info by IP
unw_get_proc_name get name of current procedure
unw_get_reg get register contents
unw_getcontext get initial machine-state
unw_init_local initialize cursor for local unwinding
unw_init_local2 alias for unw_init_local
unw_init_remote initialize cursor for remote unwinding
unw_is_fpreg check if a register is a floating-point register
unw_is_signal_frame check if current frame is a signal frame
unw_reg_states_iterate get register state info on current procedure
unw_regname get register name
unw_resume resume execution in a particular stack frame
unw_set_cache_size set unwind cache size
unw_set_caching_policy set unwind caching policy
unw_set_fpreg set contents of floating-point register
unw_set_reg set register contents
unw_step advance to next stack frame
unw_strerror get text corresponding to error code