Package libtraceevent

Library to parse raw trace event formats

libtraceevent is a library to parse raw trace event formats.

Version: 1.8.2

Library Functions

kbuffer_alloc Creating of kbuffer element to parse the Linux kernel tracing ring buffer
kbuffer_curr_index alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_curr_offset alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_curr_size alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_dup alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_event_size alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_free alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_load_subbuffer alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_missed_events alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_next_event alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_read_buffer alias for kbuffer_read_event
kbuffer_read_event Functions to read through the kbuffer sub buffer.
kbuffer_refresh alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_start_of_data alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_subbuf_timestamp alias for kbuffer_timestamp
kbuffer_subbuffer alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_subbuffer_size alias for kbuffer_alloc
kbuffer_timestamp Functions that read various data of a kbuffer descriptor
libtraceevent Linux kernel trace event library
tep_add_plugin_path alias for tep_load_plugins
tep_alloc Create, destroy, manage references of trace event parser context.
tep_clear_flag alias for tep_set_flag
tep_cmdline_pid alias for tep_register_comm
tep_data_comm_from_pid alias for tep_register_comm
tep_data_flags alias for tep_data_type
tep_data_pid alias for tep_data_type
tep_data_pid_from_comm alias for tep_register_comm
tep_data_preempt_count alias for tep_data_type
tep_data_type Extract common fields from a record.
tep_event_common_fields Get a list of fields for an event.
tep_event_fields alias for tep_event_common_fields
tep_event_filtered alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_add_filter_str alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_alloc Event filter related APIs.
tep_filter_compare alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_copy alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_free alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_make_string alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_match alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_remove_event alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_reset alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_filter_strerror alias for tep_filter_alloc
tep_find_any_field alias for tep_find_common_field
tep_find_common_field Search for a field in an event.
tep_find_event Find events by given key.
tep_find_event_by_name alias for tep_find_event
tep_find_event_by_record alias for tep_find_event
tep_find_field alias for tep_find_common_field
tep_find_function Find function name / start address.
tep_find_function_address alias for tep_find_function
tep_find_function_info alias for tep_find_function
tep_free alias for tep_alloc
tep_get_any_field_val Get value of a field.
tep_get_common_field_val alias for tep_get_any_field_val
tep_get_cpus Get / set the number of CPUs, which have a tracing buffer representing it. Note, the buffer may be empty.
tep_get_event Access events.
tep_get_events_count alias for tep_get_event
tep_get_field_raw alias for tep_get_any_field_val
tep_get_field_val alias for tep_get_any_field_val
tep_get_first_event alias for tep_get_event
tep_get_function_count alias for tep_set_function_resolver
tep_get_header_page_size Get the data stored in the header page, in kernel context.
tep_get_header_timestamp_size alias for tep_get_header_page_size
tep_get_long_size Get / set the size of a long integer on the machine, where the trace is generated, in bytes
tep_get_page_size Get / set the size of a memory page on the machine, where the trace is generated
tep_get_ref alias for tep_alloc
tep_get_sub_buffer_data_size alias for tep_get_page_size
tep_get_sub_buffer_size alias for tep_get_page_size
tep_is_bigendian Get / set the endianness of the local machine.
tep_is_file_bigendian Get / set the endianness of the raw data being accessed by the tep handler.
tep_is_local_bigendian alias for tep_is_bigendian
tep_is_old_format alias for tep_get_header_page_size
tep_is_pid_registered alias for tep_register_comm
tep_kbuffer alias for tep_alloc
tep_list_events Get list of events, sorted by given criteria.
tep_list_events_copy alias for tep_list_events
tep_load_plugins Load / unload traceevent plugins.
tep_load_plugins_hook alias for tep_load_plugins
tep_override_comm alias for tep_register_comm
tep_parse_event Parse the event format information
tep_parse_format alias for tep_parse_event
tep_parse_header_page Parses the data stored in the header page.
tep_parse_kallsyms alias for tep_parse_saved_cmdlines
tep_parse_printk_formats alias for tep_parse_saved_cmdlines
tep_parse_saved_cmdlines Parsing functions to load mappings
tep_plugin_add_option alias for tep_load_plugins
tep_plugin_kvm_get_func Add function name for instruction pointer of kvm plugin
tep_plugin_kvm_put_func alias for tep_plugin_kvm_get_func
tep_plugin_print_options alias for tep_print_printk
tep_print_event Writes event information into a trace sequence.
tep_print_field_content Print the field content.
tep_print_fields alias for tep_print_field_content
tep_print_func_field alias for tep_print_field_content
tep_print_funcs alias for tep_print_printk
tep_print_num_field alias for tep_print_field_content
tep_print_printk Print libtraceevent internal information.
tep_read_number Reads a number from raw data.
tep_read_number_field Reads a number from raw data.
tep_record_is_event alias for tep_find_event
tep_record_print_fields alias for tep_print_field_content
tep_record_print_selected_fields alias for tep_print_field_content
tep_ref alias for tep_alloc
tep_register_comm Manage pid to process name mappings.
tep_register_event_handler Register / unregisters a callback function to parse an event information.
tep_register_function alias for tep_set_function_resolver
tep_register_print_function Registers / Unregisters a helper function.
tep_register_print_string alias for tep_set_function_resolver
tep_reset_function_resolver alias for tep_set_function_resolver
tep_set_cpus alias for tep_get_cpus
tep_set_file_bigendian alias for tep_is_file_bigendian
tep_set_flag Manage flags of trace event parser context.
tep_set_function_resolver function related tep APIs
tep_set_local_bigendian alias for tep_is_bigendian
tep_set_loglevel Set log level of the library
tep_set_long_size alias for tep_get_long_size
tep_set_page_size alias for tep_get_page_size
tep_set_test_filters alias for tep_print_printk
tep_strerror Returns a string describing regular errno and tep error number.
tep_test_flag alias for tep_set_flag
tep_unload_plugins alias for tep_load_plugins
tep_unref alias for tep_alloc
tep_unregister_event_handler alias for tep_register_event_handler
tep_unregister_print_function alias for tep_register_print_function
trace_seq_destroy alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_do_fprintf alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_do_printf alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_init Initialize / destroy a trace sequence.
trace_seq_printf alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_putc alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_puts alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_reset alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_terminate alias for trace_seq_init
trace_seq_vprintf alias for trace_seq_init