Package libtracecmd

Libraries of trace-cmd;a=summary

The libtracecmd library

Library Functions

libtracecmd trace-cmd library APIs
tracecmd_buffer_instance_handle alias for tracecmd_buffer_instances
tracecmd_buffer_instance_name alias for tracecmd_buffer_instances
tracecmd_buffer_instances Read tracing instances from a trace file.
tracecmd_close alias for tracecmd_open
tracecmd_free_record alias for tracecmd_read_cpu_first
tracecmd_get_guest_cpumap alias for tracecmd_get_traceid
tracecmd_get_tep alias for tracecmd_read_cpu_first
tracecmd_get_traceid Manage trace session with multiple trace peers, recorded in multiple trace files.
tracecmd_init_data alias for tracecmd_open
tracecmd_open Open and close a trace file.
tracecmd_open_fd alias for tracecmd_open
tracecmd_open_head alias for tracecmd_open
tracecmd_read_at alias for tracecmd_read_cpu_first
tracecmd_read_cpu_first Read recorded events from a trace file.
tracecmd_read_data alias for tracecmd_read_cpu_first