Package libtpms-devel

Include files for libtpms

Libtpms header files and documentation.

Version: 0.9.5

Library Functions

TPMLIB_CancelCommand Cancel a TPM command
TPMLIB_ChooseTPMVersion Choose the version of the TPM
TPMLIB_DecodeBlob Decode a base64-encode TPM blob
TPMLIB_GetInfo Get Information about the TPM implementation
TPMLIB_GetState alias for TPMLIB_SetState
TPMLIB_GetTPMProperty Get a runtime property of the TPM
TPMLIB_GetVersion Get the version of the TPM library
TPMLIB_Process process a TPM command
TPMLIB_RegisterCallbacks Register callbacks for implementing customized behavior of certain functions
TPMLIB_SetBufferSize Set the TPM's I/O buffer size
TPMLIB_SetDebugLevel alias for TPMLIB_SetDebugFD
TPMLIB_SetDebugPrefix alias for TPMLIB_SetDebugFD
TPMLIB_Terminate alias for TPMLIB_MainInit
TPMLIB_ValidateState Validate the state blobs of the TPM
TPMLIB_VolatileAll_Store store all volatile state of the TPM in a buffer
TPM_Free alias for TPM_Malloc
TPM_IO_Hash_Data alias for TPM_IO_Hash_Start
TPM_IO_Hash_End alias for TPM_IO_Hash_Start
TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Reset alias for TPM_IO_TpmEstablished_Get
TPM_Realloc alias for TPM_Malloc