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Package libtickit-devel

Development files needed for libtickit


Version: 0.4.4

Library Functions

tickit_build create a new toplevel Tickit instance with arguments
tickit_ctl_lookup alias for tickit_ctl_name
tickit_ctl_name return the name of a toplevel instance control
tickit_ctl_type alias for tickit_ctl_name
tickit_debug_init initialise the debugging system
tickit_debug_logf emit debugging log messages
tickit_debug_vlogf alias for tickit_debug_logf
tickit_get_rootwin obtain the root window from the toplevel instance
tickit_get_term obtain the terminal from the toplevel instance
tickit_getctl_int alias for tickit_setctl_int
tickit_new_stdio create a new toplevel Tickit instance
tickit_new_stdtty alias for tickit_new_stdio
tickit_pen_bind_event add or remove event handlers
tickit_pen_clear remove pen attributes
tickit_pen_clear_attr alias for tickit_pen_clear
tickit_pen_clone alias for tickit_pen_new
tickit_pen_copy copy attributes from one pen to another
tickit_pen_copy_attr alias for tickit_pen_copy
tickit_pen_equiv alias for tickit_pen_equiv_attr
tickit_pen_equiv_attr test if two pens have an equivalent attribute value
tickit_pen_get_bool_attr manipulate a boolean pen attribute
tickit_pen_get_colour_attr manipulate a colour pen attribute
tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8 manipulate a secondary RGB8 colour pen colour attribute
tickit_pen_get_int_attr manipulate an integer pen attribute
tickit_pen_has_attr test if a pen has a given attribute
tickit_pen_has_colour_attr_rgb8 alias for tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8
tickit_pen_is_nondefault alias for tickit_pen_is_nonempty
tickit_pen_is_nonempty test if a pen has attributes defined
tickit_pen_new create a new pen instance
tickit_pen_new_attrs alias for tickit_pen_new
tickit_pen_nondefault_attr alias for tickit_pen_has_attr
tickit_pen_ref adjust the refcount of a pen
tickit_pen_set_bool_attr alias for tickit_pen_get_bool_attr
tickit_pen_set_colour_attr alias for tickit_pen_get_colour_attr
tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_desc alias for tickit_pen_get_colour_attr
tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_rgb8 alias for tickit_pen_get_colour_attr_rgb8
tickit_pen_set_int_attr alias for tickit_pen_get_int_attr
tickit_pen_unbind_event_id alias for tickit_pen_bind_event
tickit_pen_unref alias for tickit_pen_ref
tickit_penattr_lookup alias for tickit_penattr_name
tickit_penattr_name return the name of a pen attribute
tickit_penattr_type return the type of a pen attribute
tickit_rect_add obtain the union sum of two rectangles
tickit_rect_bottom return the bottom right corner of a rectangle
tickit_rect_contains test if one rectangle entirely contains another
tickit_rect_init_bounded alias for tickit_rect_init_sized
tickit_rect_init_sized initialise a rectangle struct
tickit_rect_intersect obtain the intersection of two rectangles
tickit_rect_intersects test if two rectangles intersect
tickit_rect_right alias for tickit_rect_bottom
tickit_rect_subtract obtain the difference of two rectangles
tickit_rect_translate move the area of a rectangle
tickit_rectset_add add an area to a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_clear remove all regions from a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_contains test if an area is contained by a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_destroy alias for tickit_rectset_new
tickit_rectset_get_rect alias for tickit_rectset_rects
tickit_rectset_get_rects alias for tickit_rectset_rects
tickit_rectset_intersects test if a region intersects with a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_new create or destroy a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_rects obtain the regions from a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_subtract subtract a region from a rectangle set
tickit_rectset_translate move all the rectangles in a rectangle set
tickit_ref adjust the refcount of the toplevel instance
tickit_renderbuffer_blit copies buffer contents to another buffer
tickit_renderbuffer_char create character regions
tickit_renderbuffer_char_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_char
tickit_renderbuffer_clear alias for tickit_renderbuffer_eraserect
tickit_renderbuffer_clip restrict the drawing area of output functions
tickit_renderbuffer_copyrect copy or move a rectangular region of a buffer
tickit_renderbuffer_erase create erase regions
tickit_renderbuffer_erase_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_erase
tickit_renderbuffer_erase_to alias for tickit_renderbuffer_erase
tickit_renderbuffer_eraserect erase large areas
tickit_renderbuffer_flush_to_term output buffer contents to the terminal
tickit_renderbuffer_get_cursorpos query the virtual cursor position
tickit_renderbuffer_get_size return the size of a render buffer
tickit_renderbuffer_goto set or clear the virtual cursor position
tickit_renderbuffer_has_cursorpos alias for tickit_renderbuffer_get_cursorpos
tickit_renderbuffer_hline_at create line regions
tickit_renderbuffer_mask alias for tickit_renderbuffer_clip
tickit_renderbuffer_moverect alias for tickit_renderbuffer_copyrect
tickit_renderbuffer_new create a new render buffer instance
tickit_renderbuffer_ref adjust the refcount of a render buffer
tickit_renderbuffer_reset revert a render buffer back to initial state
tickit_renderbuffer_restore alias for tickit_renderbuffer_save
tickit_renderbuffer_save save and restore auxiliary state
tickit_renderbuffer_savepen alias for tickit_renderbuffer_save
tickit_renderbuffer_setpen change the stored rendering pen
tickit_renderbuffer_skip create skip regions
tickit_renderbuffer_skip_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_skip
tickit_renderbuffer_skip_to alias for tickit_renderbuffer_skip
tickit_renderbuffer_skiprect alias for tickit_renderbuffer_skip
tickit_renderbuffer_text create text regions
tickit_renderbuffer_text_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_renderbuffer_textf alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_renderbuffer_textf_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_renderbuffer_textn alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_renderbuffer_textn_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_renderbuffer_translate move the base of output functions
tickit_renderbuffer_ungoto alias for tickit_renderbuffer_goto
tickit_renderbuffer_unref alias for tickit_renderbuffer_ref
tickit_renderbuffer_vline_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_hline_at
tickit_renderbuffer_vtextf alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_renderbuffer_vtextf_at alias for tickit_renderbuffer_text
tickit_run control the event loop of the toplevel instance
tickit_setctl_int tickit_setctl_int- set an integer toplevel instance control
tickit_stop alias for tickit_run
tickit_string_get obtain the characters from a counted string
tickit_string_len query the length of a counted string
tickit_string_new create a counted string
tickit_string_ref adjust the refcount of a counted string
tickit_string_unref alias for tickit_string_ref
tickit_stringpos_limit_bytes set limit fields in string position counters
tickit_stringpos_zero clear the fields of a string position counter
tickit_term_await_started_msec wait until the terminal is initialised
tickit_term_await_started_tv alias for tickit_term_await_started_msec
tickit_term_bind_event add or remove event handlers
tickit_term_build create a new terminal instance with arguments
tickit_term_chpen set rendering attributes of the terminal
tickit_term_clear clear the terminal
tickit_term_emit_key emit a fake key or mouse event
tickit_term_emit_mouse alias for tickit_term_emit_key
tickit_term_erasech erase characters from the terminal
tickit_term_flush flush the terminal output buffer
tickit_term_get_drivername returns the terminal driver name
tickit_term_get_input_fd alias for tickit_term_set_input_fd
tickit_term_get_output_fd alias for tickit_term_set_output_fd
tickit_term_get_size manage terminal size
tickit_term_get_termtype returns the terminal type
tickit_term_get_utf8 alias for tickit_term_set_utf8
tickit_term_getctl_int alias for tickit_term_setctl_int
tickit_term_goto move the terminal output cursor
tickit_term_input_check_timeout_msec terminal timeout behaviour
tickit_term_input_push_bytes supply more input data
tickit_term_input_readable read more data from the terminal
tickit_term_input_wait_msec read more data from the terminal
tickit_term_input_wait_tv alias for tickit_term_input_wait_msec
tickit_term_move alias for tickit_term_goto
tickit_term_new create a new terminal instance
tickit_term_new_for_termtype alias for tickit_term_new
tickit_term_observe_sigwinch react to the SIGWINCH signal
tickit_term_open_stdio create a terminal instance on standard input/output
tickit_term_pause pause and resume a terminal instance
tickit_term_print send text to the terminal
tickit_term_printf alias for tickit_term_print
tickit_term_printn alias for tickit_term_print
tickit_term_ref adjust the refcount of a terminal
tickit_term_refresh_size alias for tickit_term_get_size
tickit_term_resume alias for tickit_term_pause
tickit_term_scrollrect scroll a region of the terminal
tickit_term_set_input_fd manage terminal input
tickit_term_set_output_buffer define a terminal output buffer
tickit_term_set_output_fd manage terminal output
tickit_term_set_output_func manage terminal output via a callback function
tickit_term_set_size alias for tickit_term_get_size
tickit_term_set_utf8 control UTF-8 mode
tickit_term_setctl_int set an integer or string terminal control
tickit_term_setctl_str alias for tickit_term_setctl_int
tickit_term_setpen alias for tickit_term_chpen
tickit_term_teardown alias for tickit_term_pause
tickit_term_unbind_event_id alias for tickit_term_bind_event
tickit_term_unref alias for tickit_term_ref
tickit_term_vprintf alias for tickit_term_print
tickit_termctl_lookup alias for tickit_termctl_name
tickit_termctl_name return the name of a terminal control
tickit_termctl_type alias for tickit_termctl_name
tickit_tick alias for tickit_run
tickit_unref alias for tickit_ref
tickit_utf8_byte2col alias for tickit_utf8_mbswidth
tickit_utf8_col2byte alias for tickit_utf8_mbswidth
tickit_utf8_count count characters in Unicode strings
tickit_utf8_mbswidth count the column width of a Unicode string
tickit_utf8_put append a UTF-8 encoded codepoint to a buffer
tickit_utf8_seqlen determine the length of a UTF-8 codepoint encoding
tickit_watch_cancel remove a previously-installed callback
tickit_watch_io invoke a callback when IO is possible
tickit_watch_later invoke a callback at the next round of IO events
tickit_watch_process invoke a callback when a child process terminates
tickit_watch_signal invoke a callback when a POSIX signal is raised
tickit_watch_timer_after_msec invoke a callback after a fixed delay
tickit_watch_timer_after_tv alias for tickit_watch_timer_after_msec
tickit_watch_timer_at_epoch invoke a callback at a fixed future time
tickit_watch_timer_at_tv alias for tickit_watch_timer_at_epoch
tickit_window_bind_event add or remove event handlers
tickit_window_bottom alias for tickit_window_get_geometry
tickit_window_children obtain child windows from a window
tickit_window_close remove a window from the tree
tickit_window_cols alias for tickit_window_get_geometry
tickit_window_destroy destroy a window instance
tickit_window_expose mark an area of a window for re-rendering
tickit_window_flush invoke pending events on the window hierarchy
tickit_window_get_abs_geometry query the absolute position of a window
tickit_window_get_children alias for tickit_window_children
tickit_window_get_geometry query the size and position of a window
tickit_window_get_pen manipulate the window's rendering pen
tickit_window_get_term query the backing terminal of a window
tickit_window_getctl_int alias for tickit_window_setctl_int
tickit_window_hide alias for tickit_window_show
tickit_window_is_focused alias for tickit_window_take_focus
tickit_window_is_steal_input alias for tickit_window_set_steal_input
tickit_window_is_visible alias for tickit_window_show
tickit_window_left alias for tickit_window_get_geometry
tickit_window_lines alias for tickit_window_get_geometry
tickit_window_lower alias for tickit_window_raise
tickit_window_lower_to_back alias for tickit_window_raise
tickit_window_new create a new sub-window
tickit_window_new_root create a new toplevel root window
tickit_window_parent query the ancestry of a window
tickit_window_raise change window stacking order
tickit_window_raise_to_front alias for tickit_window_raise
tickit_window_ref adjust the refcount of a window
tickit_window_reposition alias for tickit_window_set_geometry
tickit_window_resize alias for tickit_window_set_geometry
tickit_window_right alias for tickit_window_get_geometry
tickit_window_root alias for tickit_window_parent
tickit_window_scroll scroll the area of a window
tickit_window_scroll_with_children alias for tickit_window_scroll
tickit_window_scrollrect alias for tickit_window_scroll
tickit_window_set_cursor_position modify the cursor state on a window
tickit_window_set_cursor_shape alias for tickit_window_set_cursor_position
tickit_window_set_cursor_visible alias for tickit_window_set_cursor_position
tickit_window_set_focus_child_notify control whether windows are informed of child focus changes
tickit_window_set_geometry set the size and position of a window
tickit_window_set_pen alias for tickit_window_get_pen
tickit_window_set_steal_input control whether windows steal all input events
tickit_window_setctl_int tickit_window_setctl_int- set an integer window control
tickit_window_show control a window's visibility
tickit_window_take_focus control the input focus
tickit_window_top alias for tickit_window_get_geometry
tickit_window_unbind_event_id alias for tickit_window_bind_event
tickit_window_unref alias for tickit_window_ref
tickit_windowctl_lookupl alias for tickit_windowctl_name
tickit_windowctl_name return the name of a window control
tickit_windowctl_type alias for tickit_windowctl_name


tickit Terminal Interface Construction KIT
tickit_debug debug logging support for libtickit
tickit_pen store a collection of terminal rendering attributes
tickit_rect utility structure representing a rectangular region
tickit_rectset store a collection of rectangular areas
tickit_renderbuffer store display content to be drawn to the terminal
tickit_string a reference-counted string buffer
tickit_term abstraction of an interactive terminal
tickit_version libtickit version queries
tickit_window a window for drawing operations and input