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Package libtexprintf

Formatted Output with tex-like syntax support


The utftex program and underlying libtexprintf library provide tools to
pretty print math in mono-space fonts, using a tex-like syntax. It
produces UTF-8 encoded text. The program was inspired by asciiTeX, and
the improved asciiTeX fork. However, utftex supports much more TeX
syntax and contains extensive Unicode tables to map latex commands
to Unicode symbols. Use libtexprintf/utftex to unlock the math
capabilities of Unicode in mono-space text applications.

Note that how the equations look depends strongly on the font you use.
Naturally, one needs a monospace font with good Unicode support for
the symbols you use. A good monospace font for math is, for example,

Version: 1.25

See also: libtexprintf-tools.

Library Functions

texprintf Extended formatted output functions