Package libtevent-devel

Developer tools for the Tevent library

Header files needed to develop programs that link against the Tevent library.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
tevent The tevent low-level API.
tevent_compat The following definitions are usueful only for compatibility with the...
tevent_context Chapter 1: Tevent context
tevent_data Chapter 3: Accessing data
tevent_events Chapter 2: Tevent events
tevent_helpers tevent_helpers
tevent_ops The following structure and registration functions are exclusively needed for...
tevent_queue A tevent_queue is used to queue up async requests that must be serialized.
tevent_queue_tutorial The tevent_queue tutorial
tevent_request A tevent_req represents an asynchronous computation.
tevent_thread Chapter 6: Tevent with threads
tevent_tutorial The Tutorial