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Package libtermkey-devel

Development files needed for libtermkey


Version: 0.22

Library Functions

termkey_advisereadable read more bytes from the underlying terminal
termkey_canonicalise canonicalise a key event
termkey_get_buffer_remaining returns the free buffer space
termkey_get_fd obtain the file descriptor for the terminal
termkey_get_keyname return a string name for a symbolic key
termkey_getkey retrieve the next key event
termkey_interpret_csi interpret unrecognised CSI sequence
termkey_interpret_modereport interpret opaque mode report data
termkey_interpret_mouse interpret opaque mouse event data
termkey_interpret_position interpret opaque cursor position event data
termkey_interpret_string fetch stored control string
termkey_keycmp compare two key events
termkey_keyname2sym look up a symbolic key value for a string name
termkey_lookup_keyname look up a symbolic key value for a string name
termkey_new create or destroy new termkey instance
termkey_push_bytes supply more bytes to the input buffer
termkey_set_buffer_size control the buffer size
termkey_set_canonflags control the canonicalisation flags
termkey_set_flags control the operational flags
termkey_set_waittime control the wait time for multibyte sequences
termkey_start enable or disable terminal operations
termkey_strfkey format a string representing a key event
termkey_strpkey parse a string representing a key event
termkey_waitkey wait for and retrieve the next key event


termkey terminal keypress reading library