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Package libtar-devel

Development files for libtar


The libtar-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libtar.

Version: 1.2.20

Library Functions

TH_ISBLK alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISCHR alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISDIR alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISFIFO alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISLNK alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISLONGLINK alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISLONGNAME alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISREG alias for th_get_pathname
TH_ISSYM alias for th_get_pathname
libtar_hash_add alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_hash_del alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_hash_free alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_hash_getkey alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_hash_new hash table routines
libtar_hash_next alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_hash_prev alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_hash_search alias for libtar_hash_new
libtar_list_add alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_add_str alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_del alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_dup alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_free alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_merge alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_new linked list routines
libtar_list_next alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_prev alias for libtar_list_new
libtar_list_search alias for libtar_list_new
tar_append_eof alias for tar_append_file
tar_append_file append data to tar archives
tar_append_regfile alias for tar_append_file
tar_append_tree alias for tar_extract_all
tar_block_read macros to call read and write functions for the correct tar archive type
tar_block_write alias for tar_block_read
tar_close alias for tar_open
tar_extract_all high-level tar archive manipulation functions
tar_extract_blockdev alias for tar_extract_file
tar_extract_chardev alias for tar_extract_file
tar_extract_dir alias for tar_extract_file
tar_extract_fifo alias for tar_extract_file
tar_extract_file extract files from a tar archive
tar_extract_glob alias for tar_extract_all
tar_extract_hardlink alias for tar_extract_file
tar_extract_regfile alias for tar_extract_file
tar_extract_symlink alias for tar_extract_file
tar_fd alias for tar_open
tar_fdopen alias for tar_open
tar_open access a tar archive via a handle
tar_set_file_perms alias for tar_extract_file
tar_skip_regfile alias for tar_extract_file
th_finish alias for th_set_from_stat
th_get_crc alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_devmajor alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_devminor alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_gid alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_linkname alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_mode alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_mtime alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_size alias for th_get_pathname
th_get_uid alias for th_get_pathname
th_print alias for th_print_long_ls
th_print_long_ls print out information about a tar file header
th_read read and write a file header block from a tar archive
th_set_device alias for th_set_from_stat
th_set_from_stat set fields of a tar file header
th_set_group alias for th_set_from_stat
th_set_link alias for th_set_from_stat
th_set_mode alias for th_set_from_stat
th_set_path alias for th_set_from_stat
th_set_type alias for th_set_from_stat
th_set_user alias for th_set_from_stat
th_write alias for th_read