Package libtalloc-devel

Developer tools for the Talloc library

Header files needed to develop programs that link against the Talloc library.

Version: 2.3.1

Library Functions

libtalloc_bestpractices Chapter 7: Best practises The following sections contain several best practices and good manners that were found by the Samba and SSSD developers over the…
libtalloc_context Chapter 1: Talloc context
libtalloc_debugging Chapter 6: Debugging Although talloc makes memory management significantly easier than the C standard library, developers are still only humans and can make…
libtalloc_destructors Chapter 4: Using destructors
libtalloc_dts Chapter 3: Dynamic type system
libtalloc_pools Chapter 5: Memory pools
libtalloc_stealing Chapter 2: Stealing a context
libtalloc_threads Chapter 8: Using threads with talloc
libtalloc_tutorial The Tutorial
talloc talloc is a hierarchical, reference counted memory pool system with destructors. It is the core memory allocator used in Samba.
talloc_array talloc_array
talloc_debug talloc_debug
talloc_ref talloc_ref
talloc_string talloc_string