Package libsynce-devel

Development libraries and header files for SynCE

This package contains the header files and link libraries for SynCE
application development. SynCE provides support for communication
between a Windows CE device (PDA, smart phone) and a Linux machine.

For more details on the SynCE project, please refer to the project's
homepage at

Library Functions (Section 3)
The date_from_tm() function converts a tm struct into the Windows DATE field pointed to by pDateOut. Only years after 1900 are converted. The fields tm.tm_wday...
The various synce_xxx() logging functions are implemented as macros calling the underlying _synce_log function, but are presented here as they should be used...
These functions are used with the vdccm(1) and dccm(1) connection daemons only. They are of no use when using odccm(1). synce_get_connection_filename() provides...
The synce_get_directory() function provides a string describing the location of the synce configuration directory. If the environment variable SYNCE_CONF_DIR is...
The synce_info_new() function returns a pointer to a newly allocated and populated SynceInfo struct for a mobile device. If device_name is non-NULL, the...
The synce_strerror() function return a string describing the error code passed in the argument error.
The time_fields_from_filetime() function converts a FILETIME value into the existing broken down TIME_FIELDS struct pointed to by timeFields...
The wstr_to_xxx() functions convert a wide char string to the appropriate local string. The wstr_from_xxx() functions do the reverse. Use wstr_free_string() to...