Package libsurl-devel

Development files for libsurl

The libsurl-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libsurl.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
surl_cleanup frees all memory used by the SURL
surl_debug return the current debugging state for the given SURL
surl_debug_off turns debugging for the given SURL off.
surl_debug_on turn debugging on for the given SURL
surl_get_engine return the engine associated with the given service
surl_get_error return the error number associated with the given SURL
surl_getopt get the value of a specified option on a SURL
surl_init create a SURL with default and sensible settings
surl_register_engine Register the specified engine with the SURL object.
surl_reset_error reset the error state of the given SURL
surl_setopt sets an option on a SURL
surl_shorten shortens the URL in the SURL