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Package libstoragemgmt-devel

Development files for libstoragemgmt


The libstoragemgmt-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libstoragemgmt.

Version: 1.9.8

See also: libstoragemgmt, libstoragemgmt-arcconf-plugin, libstoragemgmt-hpsa-plugin, libstoragemgmt-local-plugin, libstoragemgmt-megaraid-plugin, libstoragemgmt-nfs-plugin, libstoragemgmt-smis-plugin, libstoragemgmt-targetd-plugin.

Library Functions

libstoragemgmt.h Storage Management Library.
lsm_access_group_create Create a new access group.
lsm_access_group_delete Deletes an access group.
lsm_access_group_id_get Retrieves the ID for the access group.
lsm_access_group_init_type_get Retrieves the initiator type for specified access group.
lsm_access_group_initiator_add Adds an initiator to the access group
lsm_access_group_initiator_delete Deletes an initiator from an access group
lsm_access_group_initiator_id_get Retrieves the initiators of access group.
lsm_access_group_list Retrieves a list of access groups.
lsm_access_group_name_get Retrieves the name for the access group.
lsm_access_group_record_array_free Frees the memory of access group array.
lsm_access_group_record_copy Duplicates a access group record.
lsm_access_group_record_free Frees the memory for access group.
lsm_access_group_system_id_get Retrieves the system ID of the access group.
lsm_access_groups_granted_to_volume Retrieves the access groups that have access to the specified volume.
lsm_available_plugins_list Retrieves a list of available plug-ins.
lsm_battery_id_get Retrieves the ID for the battery.
lsm_battery_list Gets a list of batteries on this connection.
lsm_battery_name_get Retrieves the name for the battery.
lsm_battery_record_array_free Frees the memory of battery array.
lsm_battery_record_copy Duplicates a battery record.
lsm_battery_record_free Frees the memory for an individual battery
lsm_battery_status_get Retrieves status of the battery.
lsm_battery_system_id_get Retrieves the system ID for the battery.
lsm_battery_type_get Retrieves the type for the battery.
lsm_block_range_block_count_get Retrieve block count of the block range.
lsm_block_range_dest_start_get Retrieves start block of the destination.
lsm_block_range_record_alloc Allocates memory for a lsm_block_range record.
lsm_block_range_record_array_alloc Allocates a lsm_block_range array.
lsm_block_range_record_array_free Free the memory of lsm_block_range array.
lsm_block_range_record_copy Duplicates a block_range record.
lsm_block_range_record_free Free the lsm_block_range memory.
lsm_block_range_source_start_get Retrieves start block of the source.
lsm_capabilities Query the capabilities of the storage array.
lsm_capability_get Retrieves the support status of specified capability.
lsm_capability_record_free Free the lsm_storage_capabilities memory.
lsm_capability_supported Check whether specified capability is supported.
lsm_connect_close Closes a connection to a storage provider.
lsm_connect_password Get a connection to a storage provider.
lsm_connect_timeout_get Gets the time-out for this connection.
lsm_connect_timeout_set Sets the time-out for this connection.
lsm_disk_block_size_get Retrieves the block size for the disk.
lsm_disk_id_get Retrieves the ID of the disk.
lsm_disk_link_type_get Retrieves the link type for the disk.
lsm_disk_list Gets a list of disks on this connection.
lsm_disk_location_get Retrieves the location for the disk.
lsm_disk_name_get Retrieves the name for the lsm_disk.
lsm_disk_number_of_blocks_get Retrieves the block count for the disk.
lsm_disk_record_array_free Free the memory of lsm_disk array.
lsm_disk_record_copy Duplicates a lsm_disk record.
lsm_disk_record_free Free the lsm_disk memory.
lsm_disk_rpm_get Retrieves the rotation speed for the disk.
lsm_disk_status_get Retrieves status of specified disk.
lsm_disk_system_id_get Retrieve the system ID for the disk.
lsm_disk_type_get Retrieves the disk type.
lsm_disk_vpd83_get Retrieve the SCSI VPD 0x83 ID for the disk.
lsm_error_debug_data_get Retrieves the debug data from the error.
lsm_error_debug_get Retrieves the debug message from the error.
lsm_error_exception_get Retrieves the exception message from the error.
lsm_error_free Free the lsm_error memory.
lsm_error_last_get Retrieves the last error of the lsm connection.
lsm_error_message_get Retrieves the error message for the lsm_error.
lsm_error_number_get Retrieves the error number.
lsm_fs_child_dependency Checks whether file system has a child dependency.
lsm_fs_child_dependency_delete Delete all child dependencies of specified file system.
lsm_fs_clone Clones an existing file system
lsm_fs_create Creates a new file system
lsm_fs_delete Deletes a file system
lsm_fs_file_clone Clones a file on a file system.
lsm_fs_free_space_get Retrieves the free space for the fs.
lsm_fs_id_get Retrieves the ID of the fs.
lsm_fs_list Gets a list of file systems on this connection.
lsm_fs_name_get Retrieves the name for the lsm_fs.
lsm_fs_pool_id_get Retrieves the pool ID for the lsm_fs.
lsm_fs_record_array_free Free the memory of lsm_fs array.
lsm_fs_record_copy Duplicates a lsm_fs record.
lsm_fs_record_free Free the lsm_fs memory.
lsm_fs_resize Resizes a file system
lsm_fs_ss_create Creates a file system snapshot
lsm_fs_ss_delete Deletes a snapshot
lsm_fs_ss_id_get Retrieves the ID for the file system snapshot.
lsm_fs_ss_list Gets a list of snapshots of specified file system
lsm_fs_ss_name_get Retrieves the name for the file system snapshot.
lsm_fs_ss_record_array_free Frees the memory of lsm_fs_ss array.
lsm_fs_ss_record_copy Duplicates a lsm_fs_ss record.
lsm_fs_ss_record_free Frees the memory for an individual file system snapshot
lsm_fs_ss_restore Restores a file system snapshot.
lsm_fs_ss_time_stamp_get Retrieves the timestamp for the file system snapshot
lsm_fs_system_id_get Retrieves the system ID for the lsm_fs.
lsm_fs_total_space_get Retrieves the total space for the lsm_fs.
lsm_initiator_id_verify Verifies if initiator id is valid.
lsm_iscsi_chap_auth Set iSCSI CHAP authentication.
lsm_job_free Frees the resources used by a job.
lsm_job_status_fs_get Check on the status of a job with lsm_fs returned.
lsm_job_status_get Check on the status of a job with no data returned.
lsm_job_status_pool_get Check on the status of a job with lsm_pool returned.
lsm_job_status_ss_get Check on the status of a job with lsm_fs_ss returned.
lsm_job_status_volume_get Check on the status of a job with lsm_volume returned.
lsm_local_disk_fault_led_off Turn off the disk fault LED.
lsm_local_disk_fault_led_on Turn on the disk fault LED.
lsm_local_disk_health_status_get Query the health status of local disk.
lsm_local_disk_ident_led_off Turn off the disk identification LED.
lsm_local_disk_ident_led_on Turn on the disk identification LED.
lsm_local_disk_led_status_get Query disk LED status.
lsm_local_disk_link_type_get Query disk link type.
lsm_local_disk_list Query local disks.
lsm_local_disk_rpm_get Query disk rotation speed.
lsm_local_disk_serial_num_get Query serial number.
lsm_local_disk_vpd83_get Query scsi VPD 0x83 NAA ID.
lsm_local_disk_vpd83_search Search disks by VPD83 string.
lsm_nfs_auth_types Gets supported NFS client authentication types.
lsm_nfs_export_anon_gid_get Retrieves the group id mapped for anonymous id for the NFS export.
lsm_nfs_export_anon_uid_get Retrieves the user id mapped for anonymous id for the NFS export.
lsm_nfs_export_auth_type_get Retrieves the authentication type of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_export_delete Deletes the specified NFS export.
lsm_nfs_export_export_path_get Retrieves the export path of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_export_fs Creates or modifies an NFS export.
lsm_nfs_export_fs_id_get Retrieves the file system ID of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_export_id_get Retrieves the ID of the nfs_export.
lsm_nfs_export_options_get Retrieves the options of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_export_read_only_get Retrieves the host list with read only of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_export_read_write_get Retrieves the host list with read and write of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_export_record_array_free Free the memory of lsm_nfs_export array.
lsm_nfs_export_record_copy Duplicates a lsm_nfs_export record.
lsm_nfs_export_record_free Free the lsm_nfs_export memory.
lsm_nfs_export_root_get Retrieves the host list with root access of the nfs_export
lsm_nfs_list Gets a list of NFS exports on this connection.
lsm_plugin_info_get Retrieves information about the plug-in
lsm_pool_element_type_get Retrieve what the pool can be used to create
lsm_pool_free_space_get Retrieves the free space for the pool.
lsm_pool_id_get Retrieve the ID for the pool.
lsm_pool_list Query the list of storage pools on this connection.
lsm_pool_member_info Retrieves the membership of given pool.
lsm_pool_name_get Retrieve the name for the pool.
lsm_pool_record_array_free Frees the memory of pool array.
lsm_pool_record_copy Duplicates a lsm_pool record.
lsm_pool_record_free Frees the memory for an individual pool
lsm_pool_status_get Retrieves status of specified pool.
lsm_pool_status_info_get Retrieve the status information for pool.
lsm_pool_system_id_get Retrieve the system ID for the pool.
lsm_pool_total_space_get Retrieves the total space for the pool.
lsm_pool_unsupported_actions_get Retrieve what the pool cannot be used for.
lsm_string_list_alloc Allocates the memory for a string list.
lsm_string_list_append Append specified string to lsm_string_list.
lsm_string_list_copy Duplicates a lsm_string_list record.
lsm_string_list_delete Deletes specified element from lsm_string_list.
lsm_string_list_elem_get Retrieve specified index of string from lsm_string_list.
lsm_string_list_elem_set Sets the specified element of lsm_string_list.
lsm_string_list_free Frees the memory for string list.
lsm_system_fw_version_get Retrieves firmware version of system.
lsm_system_id_get Retrieves the ID of the system.
lsm_system_list Gets a list of systems on this connection.
lsm_system_mode_get Retrieves system mode.
lsm_system_name_get Retrieves the name for the system.
lsm_system_read_cache_pct_get Retrieves read cache percentage of the system.
lsm_system_read_cache_pct_update Changes the read cache percentage for the specified system.
lsm_system_record_array_free Free the memory of lsm_system array.
lsm_system_record_copy Duplicates a system record.
lsm_system_record_free Free the lsm_system memory.
lsm_system_status_get Retrieves status of the system.
lsm_target_port_copy Duplicates a lsm_target_port record.
lsm_target_port_id_get Retrieve the ID for the target_port.
lsm_target_port_list Gets a list of target ports on this connection.
lsm_target_port_network_address_get Retrieve the network address for the target_port
lsm_target_port_physical_address_get Retrieve the physical address for the target_port
lsm_target_port_physical_name_get Retrieve the physical name for the target_port
lsm_target_port_record_array_free Frees the memory of lsm_target_port array
lsm_target_port_record_free Frees the memory for a lsm_target_port
lsm_target_port_service_address_get Retrieve the service address for the target_port
lsm_target_port_system_id_get Retrieve the system ID for the target_port.
lsm_target_port_type_get Retrieve target port type
lsm_volume_admin_state_get Retrieves administrative status of the volume.
lsm_volume_block_size_get Retrieves the block size for the volume.
lsm_volume_cache_info Query RAM cache information for the specified volume.
lsm_volume_child_dependency Check whether volume has child dependencies.
lsm_volume_child_dependency_delete Delete all child dependencies of the specified volume.
lsm_volume_create Creates a new volume
lsm_volume_delete Delete a volume.
lsm_volume_disable Set a Volume to offline
lsm_volume_enable Set a Volume to online
lsm_volume_id_get Retrieves the ID for the volume.
lsm_volume_ident_led_off Turn off the identification LED for the specified volume.
lsm_volume_ident_led_on Turn on the identification LED for the specified volume.
lsm_volume_list Gets a list of volumes on this connection.
lsm_volume_mask Grants access to a volume for the specified group
lsm_volume_name_get Retrieves the name for the volume.
lsm_volume_number_of_blocks_get Retrieves the block count for the volume.
lsm_volume_physical_disk_cache_update Change RAM physical disk cache setting of specified volume.
lsm_volume_pool_id_get Retrieves the pool ID for the volume.
lsm_volume_raid_create Create a RAID volume.
lsm_volume_raid_create_cap_get Retrieves supported capability of lsm_volume_raid_create()
lsm_volume_raid_info Retrieves the RAID information of specified volume
lsm_volume_read_cache_policy_update Change RAM read cache policy of the specified volume
lsm_volume_record_array_free Frees the memory of volume array.
lsm_volume_record_copy Duplicates a volume record.
lsm_volume_record_free Frees the memory for an individual volume
lsm_volume_replicate Replicates a volume
lsm_volume_replicate_range Replicates a portion of a volume to a volume.
lsm_volume_replicate_range_block_size Block size for replicate range.
lsm_volume_resize Resize an existing volume.
lsm_volume_system_id_get Retrieves the system ID for the volume.
lsm_volume_unmask Revokes access to a volume for the specified group
lsm_volume_vpd83_get Retrieves the SCSI VPD 0x83 unique ID for the volume.
lsm_volume_write_cache_policy_update Change RAM write cache policy of the specified volume
lsm_volumes_accessible_by_access_group Query volumes that the specified access group has access to.