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Package libstdc++-docs

Documentation for the GNU standard C++ library


Manual, doxygen generated API information and Frequently Asked Questions
for the GNU standard C++ library.

Version: 14.0.1

Library Functions

C++Intro Introduction to the GNU libstdc++ man pages
SGIextensions SGI
abi::__forced_unwind Thrown as part of forced unwinding.
std::_Base_bitset std::_Base_bitset< _Nw >
std::_Bind Type of the function object returned from bind().
std::_Bind_result Type of the function object returned from bind<R>().
std::_Deque_base std::_Deque_base< _Tp, _Alloc >
std::_Deque_iterator A deque::iterator.
std::_Function_base Base class of all polymorphic function object wrappers.
std::_Fwd_list_base Base class for forward_list.
std::_Fwd_list_const_iterator A forward_list::const_iterator.
std::_Fwd_list_iterator A forward_list::iterator.
std::_Fwd_list_node A helper node class for forward_list. This is just a linked list with uninitialized storage for a data value in each node. There is a sorting utility method.
std::_Fwd_list_node_base A helper basic node class for forward_list. This is just a linked list with nothing inside it. There are purely list shuffling utility methods here.
std::_List_base See bits/stl_deque.h's _Deque_base for an explanation.
std::_List_const_iterator A list::const_iterator.
std::_List_iterator A list::iterator.
std::_List_node An actual node in the list.
std::_Node_handle Node handle type for maps.
std::_Node_handle_common Base class for node handle types of maps and sets.
std::_Node_insert_return Return type of insert(node_handle&&) on unique maps/sets.
std::_Not_fn Generalized negator.
std::_Placeholder The type of placeholder objects defined by libstdc++.
std::_Temporary_buffer std::_Temporary_buffer< _ForwardIterator, _Tp >
std::_Tuple_impl std::_Tuple_impl< _Idx, _Elements >
std::_Vector_base See bits/stl_deque.h's _Deque_base for an explanation.
std::__basic_future Common implementation for future and shared_future.
std::__codecvt_abstract_base Common base for codecvt functions.
std::__ctype_abstract_base Common base for ctype facet.
std::__debug GNU debug code, replaces standard behavior with debug behavior.
std::__debug::bitset Class std::bitset with additional safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::deque Class std::deque with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::forward_list Class std::forward_list with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::list Class std::list with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::map Class std::map with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::multimap Class std::multimap with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::multiset Class std::multiset with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::set Class std::set with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::unordered_map Class std::unordered_map with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::unordered_multimap Class std::unordered_multimap with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::unordered_multiset Class std::unordered_multiset with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::unordered_set Class std::unordered_set with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__debug::vector Class std::vector with safety/checking/debug instrumentation.
std::__detail Implementation details not part of the namespace std interface.
std::__detail::_BracketMatcher Matches a character range (bracket expression)
std::__detail::_Compiler Builds an NFA from an input iterator range.
std::__detail::_Executor Takes a regex and an input string and does the matching.
std::__detail::_List_node_base Common part of a node in the list.
std::__detail::_List_node_header The list node header.
std::__detail::_Quoted_string Struct for delimited strings.
std::__detail::_Scanner Scans an input range for regex tokens.
std::__detail::_StateSeq Describes a sequence of one or more _State, its current start and end(s). This structure contains fragments of an NFA during construction.
std::__is_fast_hash std::__is_fast_hash< _Hash >
std::__is_location_invariant std::__is_location_invariant< _Tp >
std::__is_member_object_pointer_helper is_member_object_pointer
std::__new_allocator An allocator that uses global new, as per C++03 [20.4.1].
std::__numeric_limits_base Part of std::numeric_limits.
std::__parallel GNU parallel code, replaces standard behavior with parallel behavior.
std::__parallel::_CRandNumber Functor wrapper for std::rand().
std::__remove_pointer_helper remove_pointer
std::__unspecified___exception_ptr An opaque pointer to an arbitrary exception.
std::add_const add_const
std::add_cv add_cv
std::add_lvalue_reference add_lvalue_reference
std::add_pointer add_pointer
std::add_rvalue_reference add_rvalue_reference
std::add_volatile add_volatile
std::aligned_storage Alignment type.
std::aligned_union Provide aligned storage for types.
std::alignment_of alignment_of
std::allocator The standard allocator, as per C++03 [20.4.1].
std::allocator_traits Uniform interface to all allocator types.
std::array A standard container for storing a fixed size sequence of elements.
std::atomic Generic atomic type, primary class template.
std::atomic_flag atomic_flag
std::auto_ptr A simple smart pointer providing strict ownership semantics.
std::auto_ptr_ref std::auto_ptr_ref< _Tp1 >
std::back_insert_iterator Turns assignment into insertion.
std::bad_alloc Exception possibly thrown by new.
std::bad_cast Thrown during incorrect typecasting.
std::bad_exception std::bad_exception
std::bad_function_call Exception class thrown when class template function's operator() is called with an empty target.
std::bad_typeid Thrown when a NULL pointer in a typeid expression is used.
std::bad_weak_ptr Exception possibly thrown by shared_ptr.
std::basic_filebuf The actual work of input and output (for files).
std::basic_fstream Controlling input and output for files.
std::basic_ifstream Controlling input for files.
std::basic_ios Template class basic_ios, virtual base class for all stream classes.
std::basic_iostream Template class basic_iostream.
std::basic_istream Template class basic_istream.
std::basic_istream_sentry Performs setup work for input streams.
std::basic_istringstream Controlling input for std::string.
std::basic_ofstream Controlling output for files.
std::basic_ostream Template class basic_ostream.
std::basic_ostream_sentry Performs setup work for output streams.
std::basic_ostringstream Controlling output for std::string.
std::basic_regex A regular expression.
std::basic_streambuf The actual work of input and output (interface).
std::basic_string Managing sequences of characters and character-like objects.
std::basic_string_view A non-owning reference to a string.
std::basic_stringbuf The actual work of input and output (for std::string).
std::basic_stringstream Controlling input and output for std::string.
std::bernoulli_distribution A Bernoulli random number distribution.
std::bernoulli_distribution_param_type std::bernoulli_distribution::param_type
std::bidirectional_iterator_tag Bidirectional iterators support a superset of forward iterator operations.
std::binary_function std::binary_function< _Arg1, _Arg2, _Result >
std::binary_negate One of the negation functors.
std::binder1st One of the binder functors.
std::binder2nd One of the binder functors.
std::binomial_distribution A discrete binomial random number distribution.
std::binomial_distribution_param_type std::binomial_distribution< _IntType >::param_type
std::bitset The bitset class represents a fixed-size sequence of bits.
std::bitset_reference std::bitset< _Nb >::reference
std::cauchy_distribution A cauchy_distribution random number distribution.
std::cauchy_distribution_param_type std::cauchy_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::char_traits Basis for explicit traits specializations.
std::chi_squared_distribution A chi_squared_distribution random number distribution.
std::chi_squared_distribution_param_type std::chi_squared_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::chrono ISO C++ 2011 namespace for date and time utilities.
std::chrono::duration chrono::duration represents a distance between two points in time
std::chrono::duration_values duration_values
std::chrono::gps_clock std::chrono::gps_clock
std::chrono::hh_mm_ss std::chrono::hh_mm_ss< _Duration >
std::chrono::steady_clock Monotonic clock.
std::chrono::system_clock System clock.
std::chrono::tai_clock std::chrono::tai_clock
std::chrono::time_point chrono::time_point represents a point in time as measured by a clock
std::chrono::treat_as_floating_point std::chrono::treat_as_floating_point< _Rep >
std::chrono::tzdb_list std::chrono::tzdb_list
std::chrono::tzdb_list_const_iterator std::chrono::tzdb_list::const_iterator
std::chrono::utc_clock std::chrono::utc_clock
std::codecvt Primary class template codecvt.
std::codecvt_base Empty base class for codecvt facet [].
std::codecvt_byname class codecvt_byname [].
std::collate Facet for localized string comparison.
std::collate_byname class collate_byname [].
std::common_iterator An iterator/sentinel adaptor for representing a non-common range.
std::common_type common_type
std::compare_three_way_result [cmp.result], result of three-way comparison
std::complex std::complex< _Tp >
std::condition_variable condition_variable
std::condition_variable_any condition_variable_any
std::conditional Define a member typedef type to one of two argument types.
std::contiguous_iterator_tag Contiguous iterators point to objects stored contiguously in memory.
std::counted_iterator An iterator adaptor that keeps track of the distance to the end.
std::ctype Primary class template ctype facet.
std::ctype_base Base class for ctype.
std::ctype_byname class ctype_byname [].
std::decay decay
std::decimal ISO/IEC TR 24733 Decimal floating-point arithmetic.
std::decimal::decimal128 3.2.4 Class decimal128.
std::decimal::decimal32 3.2.2 Class decimal32.
std::decimal::decimal64 3.2.3 Class decimal64.
std::default_delete std::default_delete< _Tp >
std::deque A standard container using fixed-size memory allocation and constant-time manipulation of elements at either end.
std::discard_block_engine std::discard_block_engine< _RandomNumberEngine, __p, __r >
std::discrete_distribution A discrete_distribution random number distribution.
std::discrete_distribution_param_type std::discrete_distribution< _IntType >::param_type
std::divides One of the math functors.
std::domain_error std::domain_error
std::enable_if Define a member typedef type only if a boolean constant is true.
std::enable_shared_from_this Base class allowing use of the member function shared_from_this.
std::equal_to One of the comparison functors.
std::error_category std::error_category
std::error_code std::error_code
std::error_condition std::error_condition
std::exception Base class for all library exceptions.
std::experimental Namespace for features defined in ISO Technical Specifications.
std::experimental::any A type-safe container of any type.
std::experimental::bad_any_cast Exception class thrown by a failed any_cast.
std::experimental::bad_optional_access Exception class thrown when a disengaged optional object is dereferenced.
std::experimental::basic_string_view A non-owning reference to a string.
std::experimental::filesystem::filesystem_error Exception type thrown by the Filesystem TS library.
std::experimental::filesystem::path A filesystem path.
std::experimental::filesystem::path_iterator An iterator for the components of a path.
std::experimental::filesystem::space_info Information about free space on a disk.
std::experimental::optional Class template for optional values.
std::experimental::ostream_joiner Output iterator that inserts a delimiter between elements.
std::experimental::propagate_const Const-propagating wrapper.
std::exponential_distribution An exponential continuous distribution for random numbers.
std::exponential_distribution_param_type std::exponential_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::extent extent
std::extreme_value_distribution A extreme_value_distribution random number distribution.
std::extreme_value_distribution_param_type std::extreme_value_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::filebuf alias for std::basic_filebuf
std::filesystem ISO C++ 2017 namespace for File System library.
std::filesystem::directory_entry The value type used by directory iterators.
std::filesystem::directory_iterator Iterator type for traversing the entries in a single directory.
std::filesystem::file_status Information about a file's type and permissions.
std::filesystem::filesystem_error Exception type thrown by the Filesystem library.
std::filesystem::path A filesystem path.
std::filesystem::path_iterator An iterator for the components of a path.
std::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator Iterator type for recursively traversing a directory hierarchy.
std::filesystem::space_info Information about free space on a disk.
std::fisher_f_distribution A fisher_f_distribution random number distribution.
std::fisher_f_distribution_param_type std::fisher_f_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::forward_iterator_tag Forward iterators support a superset of input iterator operations.
std::forward_list A standard container with linear time access to elements, and fixed time insertion/deletion at any point in the sequence.
std::fpos Class representing stream positions.
std::from_chars_result Result type of std::from_chars.
std::front_insert_iterator Turns assignment into insertion.
std::fstream alias for std::basic_fstream
std::future Primary template for future.
std::future_error Exception type thrown by futures.
std::gamma_distribution A gamma continuous distribution for random numbers.
std::gamma_distribution_param_type std::gamma_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::geometric_distribution A discrete geometric random number distribution.
std::geometric_distribution_param_type std::geometric_distribution< _IntType >::param_type
std::greater One of the comparison functors.
std::greater_equal One of the comparison functors.
std::gslice Class defining multi-dimensional subset of an array.
std::gslice_array Reference to multi-dimensional subset of an array.
std::has_virtual_destructor has_virtual_destructor
std::hash Primary class template hash.
std::identity [func.identity] The identity function.
std::ifstream alias for std::basic_ifstream
std::independent_bits_engine std::independent_bits_engine< _RandomNumberEngine, __w, _UIntType >
std::indirect_array Reference to arbitrary subset of an array.
std::initializer_list initializer_list
std::input_iterator_tag Marking input iterators.
std::insert_iterator Turns assignment into insertion.
std::integer_sequence Class template integer_sequence.
std::integral_constant integral_constant
std::invalid_argument std::invalid_argument
std::ios alias for std::basic_ios
std::ios_base The base of the I/O class hierarchy.
std::ios_base_failure These are thrown to indicate problems with io.
std::iostream alias for std::basic_iostream
std::is_abstract is_abstract
std::is_arithmetic is_arithmetic
std::is_array is_array
std::is_assignable is_assignable
std::is_base_of is_base_of
std::is_bind_expression Trait that identifies a bind expression.
std::is_class is_class
std::is_compound is_compound
std::is_const is_const
std::is_constructible is_constructible
std::is_convertible is_convertible
std::is_copy_assignable is_copy_assignable
std::is_copy_constructible is_copy_constructible
std::is_default_constructible is_default_constructible
std::is_destructible is_destructible
std::is_empty is_empty
std::is_enum is_enum
std::is_error_code_enum is_error_code_enum
std::is_error_condition_enum is_error_condition_enum
std::is_floating_point is_floating_point
std::is_function is_function
std::is_fundamental is_fundamental
std::is_integral is_integral
std::is_layout_compatible std::is_layout_compatible< _Tp, _Up >
std::is_literal_type std::is_literal_type< _Tp >
std::is_lvalue_reference is_lvalue_reference
std::is_member_function_pointer is_member_function_pointer
std::is_member_pointer is_member_pointer
std::is_move_assignable is_move_assignable
std::is_move_constructible is_move_constructible
std::is_nothrow_assignable is_nothrow_assignable
std::is_nothrow_constructible is_nothrow_constructible
std::is_nothrow_copy_assignable is_nothrow_copy_assignable
std::is_nothrow_copy_constructible is_nothrow_copy_constructible
std::is_nothrow_default_constructible is_nothrow_default_constructible
std::is_nothrow_destructible is_nothrow_destructible
std::is_nothrow_move_assignable is_nothrow_move_assignable
std::is_nothrow_move_constructible is_nothrow_move_constructible
std::is_object is_object
std::is_placeholder Determines if the given type _Tp is a placeholder in a bind() expression and, if so, which placeholder it is.
std::is_pod std::is_pod< _Tp >
std::is_pointer is_pointer
std::is_pointer_interconvertible_base_of True if _Derived is standard-layout and has a base class of type _Base
std::is_polymorphic is_polymorphic
std::is_reference is_reference
std::is_rvalue_reference is_rvalue_reference
std::is_same is_same
std::is_scalar is_scalar
std::is_signed is_signed
std::is_standard_layout is_standard_layout
std::is_trivial is_trivial
std::is_trivially_assignable is_trivially_assignable
std::is_trivially_constructible is_trivially_constructible
std::is_trivially_copy_assignable is_trivially_copy_assignable
std::is_trivially_copy_constructible is_trivially_copy_constructible
std::is_trivially_copyable is_trivially_copyable
std::is_trivially_default_constructible is_trivially_default_constructible
std::is_trivially_destructible is_trivially_destructible
std::is_trivially_move_assignable is_trivially_move_assignable
std::is_trivially_move_constructible is_trivially_move_constructible
std::is_union is_union
std::is_unsigned is_unsigned
std::is_void is_void
std::is_volatile is_volatile
std::istream alias for std::basic_istream
std::istream_iterator Provides input iterator semantics for streams.
std::istreambuf_iterator Provides input iterator semantics for streambufs.
std::istringstream alias for std::basic_istringstream
std::iterator Common iterator class.
std::iterator_traits Traits class for iterators.
std::length_error std::length_error
std::less One of the comparison functors.
std::less_equal One of the comparison functors.
std::linear_congruential_engine A model of a linear congruential random number generator.
std::list A standard container with linear time access to elements, and fixed time insertion/deletion at any point in the sequence.
std::literals ISO C++ inline namespace for literal suffixes.
std::literals::chrono_literals std::literals::chrono_literals
std::locale Container class for localization functionality.
std::locale_facet Localization functionality base class.
std::locale_id Facet ID class.
std::lock_guard A simple scoped lock type.
std::logic_error One of two subclasses of exception.
std::logical_and One of the Boolean operations functors.
std::logical_not One of the Boolean operations functors.
std::logical_or One of the Boolean operations functors.
std::lognormal_distribution A lognormal_distribution random number distribution.
std::lognormal_distribution_param_type std::lognormal_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::make_signed make_signed
std::make_unsigned make_unsigned
std::map A standard container made up of (key,value) pairs, which can be retrieved based on a key, in logarithmic time.
std::mask_array Reference to selected subset of an array.
std::match_results The results of a match or search operation.
std::mersenne_twister_engine std::mersenne_twister_engine< _UIntType, __w, __n, __m, __r, __a, __u, __d, __s, __b, __t, __c, __l, __f >
std::messages Primary class template messages.
std::messages_base Messages facet base class providing catalog typedef.
std::messages_byname class messages_byname [].
std::minus One of the math functors.
std::modulus One of the math functors.
std::money_base Money format ordering data.
std::money_get Primary class template money_get.
std::money_put Primary class template money_put.
std::moneypunct Primary class template moneypunct.
std::moneypunct_byname class moneypunct_byname [].
std::move_iterator std::move_iterator< _Iterator >
std::multimap A standard container made up of (key,value) pairs, which can be retrieved based on a key, in logarithmic time.
std::multiplies One of the math functors.
std::multiset A standard container made up of elements, which can be retrieved in logarithmic time.
std::mutex std::mutex
std::negate One of the math functors.
std::negative_binomial_distribution A negative_binomial_distribution random number distribution.
std::negative_binomial_distribution_param_type std::negative_binomial_distribution< _IntType >::param_type
std::nested_exception std::nested_exception
std::normal_distribution A normal continuous distribution for random numbers.
std::normal_distribution_param_type std::normal_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::not_equal_to One of the comparison functors.
std::num_get Primary class template num_get.
std::num_put Primary class template num_put.
std::numeric_limits Properties of fundamental types.
std::numpunct Primary class template numpunct.
std::numpunct_byname class numpunct_byname [].
std::ofstream alias for std::basic_ofstream
std::once_flag Flag type used by std::call_once.
std::ostream alias for std::basic_ostream
std::ostream_iterator Provides output iterator semantics for streams.
std::ostreambuf_iterator Provides output iterator semantics for streambufs.
std::ostringstream alias for std::basic_ostringstream
std::out_of_range std::out_of_range
std::output_iterator_tag Marking output iterators.
std::overflow_error std::overflow_error
std::owner_less Primary template owner_less.
std::pair Struct holding two objects of arbitrary type.
std::piecewise_constant_distribution A piecewise_constant_distribution random number distribution.
std::piecewise_constant_distribution_param_type std::piecewise_constant_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::piecewise_linear_distribution A piecewise_linear_distribution random number distribution.
std::piecewise_linear_distribution_param_type std::piecewise_linear_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::placeholders ISO C++ 2011 namespace for std::bind placeholders.
std::plus One of the math functors.
std::pmr_memory_resource Class memory_resource.
std::pmr_monotonic_buffer_resource A memory resource that allocates from a fixed-size buffer.
std::pmr_polymorphic_allocator Class template polymorphic_allocator.
std::pmr_pool_options Parameters for tuning a pool resource's behaviour.
std::pmr_unsynchronized_pool_resource A non-thread-safe memory resource that manages pools of fixed-size blocks.
std::pointer_to_binary_function One of the adaptors for function pointers.
std::pointer_to_unary_function One of the adaptors for function pointers.
std::pointer_traits Uniform interface to all pointer-like types.
std::poisson_distribution A discrete Poisson random number distribution.
std::poisson_distribution_param_type std::poisson_distribution< _IntType >::param_type
std::priority_queue A standard container automatically sorting its contents.
std::promise Primary template for promise.
std::queue A standard container giving FIFO behavior.
std::random_access_iterator_tag Random-access iterators support a superset of bidirectional iterator operations.
std::random_device std::random_device
std::range_error std::range_error
std::ranges::equal_to ranges::equal_to function object type.
std::ranges::greater ranges::greater function object type.
std::ranges::greater_equal ranges::greater_equal function object type.
std::ranges::less ranges::less function object type.
std::ranges::less_equal ranges::less_equal function object type.
std::ranges::not_equal_to ranges::not_equal_to function object type.
std::ranges::subrange The ranges::subrange class template.
std::ranges::view_interface The ranges::view_interface class template.
std::rank rank
std::ratio Provides compile-time rational arithmetic.
std::ratio_equal ratio_equal
std::ratio_greater ratio_greater
std::ratio_greater_equal ratio_greater_equal
std::ratio_less ratio_less
std::ratio_less_equal ratio_less_equal
std::ratio_not_equal ratio_not_equal
std::raw_storage_iterator std::raw_storage_iterator< _OutputIterator, _Tp >
std::recursive_mutex std::recursive_mutex
std::recursive_timed_mutex std::recursive_timed_mutex
std::reference_wrapper Primary class template for reference_wrapper.
std::regex_constants ISO C++ 2011 namespace for options and flags used with std::regex.
std::regex_error A regular expression exception class.
std::regex_iterator std::regex_iterator< _Bi_iter, _Ch_type, _Rx_traits >
std::regex_token_iterator std::regex_token_iterator< _Bi_iter, _Ch_type, _Rx_traits >
std::regex_traits Describes aspects of a regular expression.
std::rel_ops The generated relational operators are sequestered here.
std::remove_all_extents remove_all_extents
std::remove_const remove_const
std::remove_cv remove_cv
std::remove_extent remove_extent
std::remove_reference remove_reference
std::remove_volatile remove_volatile
std::result_of result_of
std::reverse_iterator std::reverse_iterator< _Iterator >
std::runtime_error One of two subclasses of exception.
std::scoped_allocator_adaptor An adaptor to recursively pass an allocator to the objects it constructs.
std::seed_seq The seed_seq class generates sequences of seeds for random number generators.
std::set A standard container made up of unique keys, which can be retrieved in logarithmic time.
std::shared_future Primary template for shared_future.
std::shared_lock shared_lock
std::shared_ptr A smart pointer with reference-counted copy semantics.
std::shared_timed_mutex The standard shared timed mutex type.
std::shuffle_order_engine Produces random numbers by reordering random numbers from some base engine.
std::slice Class defining one-dimensional subset of an array.
std::slice_array Reference to one-dimensional subset of an array.
std::stack A standard container giving FILO behavior.
std::stop_callback A wrapper for callbacks to be run when a stop request is made.
std::stop_source A type that allows a stop request to be made.
std::stop_token Allow testing whether a stop request has been made on a stop_source.
std::streambuf alias for std::basic_streambuf
std::string alias for std::basic_string
std::stringbuf alias for std::basic_stringbuf
std::stringstream alias for std::basic_stringstream
std::student_t_distribution A student_t_distribution random number distribution.
std::student_t_distribution_param_type std::student_t_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::sub_match std::sub_match< _BiIter >
std::subtract_with_carry_engine The Marsaglia-Zaman generator.
std::system_error An exception type that includes an error_code value.
std::this_thread ISO C++ 2011 namespace for interacting with the current thread.
std::thread std::thread
std::thread_id std::thread::id
std::time_base Time format ordering data.
std::time_get Primary class template time_get.
std::time_get_byname class time_get_byname [].
std::time_put Primary class template time_put.
std::time_put_byname class time_put_byname [].
std::timed_mutex std::timed_mutex
std::to_chars_result Result type of std::to_chars.
std::tr1 ISO C++ TR1 entities toplevel namespace is std::tr1.
std::tr1::__detail Implementation details not part of the namespace std::tr1 interface.
std::tr2 Namespace for non-standard 'TR2' extensions.
std::tr2::__detail Implementation details not part of the namespace std::tr2 interface.
std::tr2::__dynamic_bitset_base std::tr2::__dynamic_bitset_base< _WordT, _Alloc >
std::tr2::__reflection_typelist std::tr2::__reflection_typelist< _Elements >
std::tr2::__reflection_typelist__ Specialization for an empty typelist.
std::tr2::bases Sequence abstraction metafunctions for manipulating a typelist.
std::tr2::bool_set std::tr2::bool_set
std::tr2::direct_bases Enumerate all the direct base classes of a class. Form of a typelist.
std::tr2::dynamic_bitset The dynamic_bitset class represents a sequence of bits.
std::tr2::dynamic_bitset_reference std::tr2::dynamic_bitset< _WordT, _Alloc >::reference
std::tuple Primary class template, tuple.
std::tuple_element Gives the type of the ith element of a given tuple type.
std::tuple_size Finds the size of a given tuple type.
std::type_index Class type_index.
std::type_info Part of RTTI.
std::unary_function std::unary_function< _Arg, _Result >
std::unary_negate One of the negation functors.
std::underflow_error std::underflow_error
std::underlying_type The underlying type of an enum.
std::uniform_int_distribution Uniform discrete distribution for random numbers. A discrete random distribution on the range $[min, max]$ with equal probability throughout the range.
std::uniform_int_distribution_param_type std::uniform_int_distribution< _IntType >::param_type
std::uniform_real_distribution Uniform continuous distribution for random numbers.
std::uniform_real_distribution_param_type std::uniform_real_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::unique_lock A movable scoped lock type.
std::unique_ptr A move-only smart pointer that manages unique ownership of a resource.
std::unordered_map A standard container composed of unique keys (containing at most one of each key value) that associates values of another type with the keys.
std::unordered_multimap A standard container composed of equivalent keys (possibly containing multiple of each key value) that associates values of another type with the keys.
std::unordered_multiset A standard container composed of equivalent keys (possibly containing multiple of each key value) in which the elements' keys are the elements themselves.
std::unordered_set A standard container composed of unique keys (containing at most one of each key value) in which the elements' keys are the elements themselves.
std::uses_allocator Declare uses_allocator so it can be specialized in <queue> etc.
std::valarray Smart array designed to support numeric processing.
std::vector A standard container which offers fixed time access to individual elements in any order.
std::wbuffer_convert Buffer conversions.
std::weak_ptr A non-owning observer for a pointer owned by a shared_ptr.
std::weibull_distribution A weibull_distribution random number distribution.
std::weibull_distribution_param_type std::weibull_distribution< _RealType >::param_type
std::wfilebuf alias for std::basic_filebuf
std::wfstream alias for std::basic_fstream
std::wifstream alias for std::basic_ifstream
std::wios alias for std::basic_ios
std::wiostream alias for std::basic_iostream
std::wistream alias for std::basic_istream
std::wistringstream alias for std::basic_istringstream
std::wofstream alias for std::basic_ofstream
std::wostream alias for std::basic_ostream
std::wostringstream alias for std::basic_ostringstream
std::wstreambuf alias for std::basic_streambuf
std::wstring alias for std::basic_string
std::wstring_convert String conversions.
std::wstringbuf alias for std::basic_stringbuf
std::wstringstream alias for std::basic_stringstream