Package libstatgrab-devel

Development files for libstatgrab

This package contains libraries, header files and manpages for
developing applications that use libstatgrab.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
sg_comp_init managing system statistics delivery
sg_get_cpu_stats get cpu usage
sg_get_disk_io_stats get disk io statistics
sg_get_error get last error status
sg_get_fs_stats get file system statistics
sg_get_host_info get general operating system statistics
sg_get_load_stats get system load
sg_get_mem_stats get VM statistics
sg_get_network_iface_stats get network interface statistics
sg_get_network_io_stats get network statistics
sg_get_page_stats get paging statistics
sg_get_process_stats get process statistics
sg_get_user_stats get the current logged in users
sg_init initialise libstatgrab
sg_internal-intro get system statistics
sg_intro get system statistics
sg_lock_mutex guard not MT-safe system API
sg_set_error sets the error condition
sg_vector_create statgrab vector management