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Package libsmi

A library to access SMI MIB information


Libsmi is a C library to access MIB module information through
a well defined API that hides the nasty details of locating
and parsing SMIv1/v2 MIB modules.

This package contains tools to check, dump, and convert MIB
definitions and a steadily maintained and revised archive
of all IETF and IANA maintained standard MIB modules.

Version: 0.4.8

See also: libsmi-devel.

General Commands

smicache caching method for use with libsmi
smidiff check differences between a pair of SMI or SPPI modules
smidump dump SMI or SPPI modules in various formats
smilint syntax and semantic checks of SMIv1/v2 and SPPI modules
smiquery query single information from SMI MIB modules
smistrip extract MIB or PIB modules from text files, like RFCs or I-Ds
smixlate translate SMI/SPPI identifiers