Package libsmi

A library to access SMI MIB information

Libsmi is a C library to access MIB module information through
a well defined API that hides the nasty details of locating
and parsing SMIv1/v2 MIB modules.

This package contains tools to check, dump, and convert MIB
definitions and a steadily maintained and revised archive
of all IETF and IANA maintained standard MIB modules.

General Commands (Section 1)
The smicache program can be used by libsmi to fetch MIB modules that cannot be found in regular local MIB directories.
The smidiff program is used to check differences between a pair of SMI MIB modules or SPPI PIB modules. E.g., it can be used to detect changes in updated MIB...
The smidump program is used to dump the contents of a single MIB or PIB module or a collection of modules to stdout in a selectable output format. This format...
The smilint program is used to check MIB or PIB modules for syntax errors and semantics at some degree. SMIv1/v2 style MIB modules as well as SPPI PIB modules...
The smiquery program is used to query information on a single item from an MIB module, e.g. module meta information or a single type definition.
The smistrip program is used to extract MIB and PIB module files from ASCII documents like RFCs or Internet Drafts. Modules are identified by a starting ASN.1...
The smixlate program is used to translate identifiers and especially OIDs into a more human readable format.