Package libselinux-devel

Header files and libraries used to build SELinux

The libselinux-devel package contains the libraries and header files
needed for developing SELinux applications.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
avc_add_callback additional event notification for SELinux userspace object managers
avc_cache_stats obtain userspace SELinux AVC statistics
avc_compute_create obtain SELinux label for new object
avc_context_to_sid obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's
avc_has_perm obtain and audit SELinux access decisions
avc_init legacy userspace SELinux AVC setup
avc_netlink_loop SELinux netlink processing
avc_open userspace SELinux AVC setup and teardown
context_new Routines to manipulate SELinux security contexts
getcon get SELinux security context of a process
getexeccon get or set the SELinux security context used for executing a new process
getfilecon get SELinux security context of a file
getfscreatecon get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new file system...
getkeycreatecon get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new kernel keyrings
get_ordered_context_list determine SELinux context(s) for user sessions
getseuserbyname get SELinux username and level for a given Linux username
getsockcreatecon get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new labeled sockets
init_selinuxmnt initialize the global variable selinux_mnt
is_context_customizable check whether SELinux context type is customizable by the administrator
is_selinux_enabled check whether SELinux is enabled
matchmediacon get the default SELinux security context for the specified mediatype from the...
matchpathcon get the default SELinux security context for the specified path from the file...
matchpathcon_checkmatches check and report whether any specification index has no matches with any inode...
security_check_context check the validity of a SELinux context
security_class_to_string convert between SELinux class and permission values and string names...
security_compute_av query the SELinux policy database in the kernel
security_disable disable the SELinux kernel code at runtime
security_getenforce security_getenforce, security_setenforce, security_deny_unknown...
security_load_booleans routines for manipulating SELinux boolean values
security_load_policy load a new SELinux policy
security_policyvers get the version of the SELinux policy
selabel_digest Return digest of specfiles and list of files used
selabel_lookup obtain SELinux security context from a string label
selabel_lookup_best_match obtain a best match SELinux security context — Only supported on file backend.
selabel_open userspace SELinux labeling interface
selabel_partial_match determine whether a direct or partial match is possible on a file path — Only...
selabel_stats obtain SELinux labeling statistics
selinux_binary_policy_path These functions return the paths to the active SELinux policy configuration...
selinux_boolean_sub Search the translated name for a boolean_name record
selinux_check_securetty_context check whether a SELinux tty security context is defined as a securetty context
selinux_colors_path Return a path to the active SELinux policy color configuration file
selinux_file_context_cmp Compare two SELinux security contexts excluding the 'user' component
selinux_file_context_verify Compare the SELinux security context on disk to the default security context...
selinux_getenforcemode get the enforcing state of SELinux
selinux_getpolicytype get the type of SELinux policy running on the system
selinux_lsetfilecon_default set the file context to the system defaults
selinux_policy_root return the path of the SELinux policy files for this machine...
selinux_raw_context_to_color Return RGB color string for an SELinux security context
selinux_restorecon restore file(s) default SELinux security contexts
selinux_restorecon_default_handle sets default parameters for selinux_restorecon(3)
selinux_restorecon_set_alt_rootpath set an alternate rootpath.
selinux_restorecon_set_exclude_list set list of directories to be excluded from relabeling.
selinux_restorecon_set_sehandle set a labeling handle for use by selinux_restorecon(3)
selinux_restorecon_xattr manage default security.restorecon_last extended attribute entries added by...
selinux_set_callback userspace SELinux callback facilities
selinux_set_mapping establish dynamic object class and permission mapping
selinux_status_open reference the SELinux kernel status without invocation of system calls
setfilecon set SELinux security context of a file
set_matchpathcon_flags set flags controlling the operation of matchpathcon or matchpathcon_index and...