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Package libsbw

C++ Broker library


The Systems Biology Workbench (SBW) is a framework for application
intercommunications. It uses a broker-based, distributed,
message-passing architecture, supports many languages
including Java, C++, Perl & Python, and runs under Linux,OSX & Win32.
By default, the Broker opens a port for inter-Broker communications
by searching for the first free port in the range 10102 through 10202,
By default, in Fedora this port range is not opened.
See man-page for further informations.

libSBW is the C++ Broker port from the original SBW Broker (written in Java)
to C++. The current version implements all the functionality for the local side.
Meaning if you will just use the Broker on a single machine you should be fine
using the C++ Broker.

Version: 2.12.2

General Commands

Broker manual page for Broker 2.12.2