Package librpmem-devel

Development files for the Remote Access to Persistent Memory library

The librpmem library provides low-level support for remote access
to persistent memory utilizing RDMA-capable NICs. It can be used
to replicate persistent memory regions over RDMA protocol.

This sub-package contains libraries and header files for developing
applications that want to specifically make use of librpmem.

Version: 1.12.1

Library Functions

rpmem_check_version alias for librpmem(7)
rpmem_close alias for rpmem_create
rpmem_create most commonly used functions for remote access to persistent memory
rpmem_deep_persist alias for rpmem_persist
rpmem_drain alias for rpmem_persist
rpmem_errormsg alias for librpmem(7)
rpmem_flush alias for rpmem_persist
rpmem_open alias for rpmem_create
rpmem_persist functions to copy and read remote pools
rpmem_read alias for rpmem_persist
rpmem_remove alias for rpmem_create
rpmem_set_attr alias for rpmem_create


librpmem remote persistent memory support library (DEPRECATED)