Package libreport-plugin-mailx

libreport's mailx reporter plugin

The simple reporter plugin which sends a report via mailx to a specified
email address.

Version: 2.17.15

See also: libreport, libreport-anaconda, libreport-centos, libreport-cli, libreport-fedora, libreport-gtk, libreport-newt, libreport-plugin-bugzilla, libreport-plugin-kerneloops, libreport-plugin-logger, libreport-plugin-mantisbt, libreport-plugin-reportuploader, libreport-plugin-systemd-journal, libreport-plugin-ureport.

General Commands

reporter-mailx Sends contents of a problem directory via email.

File Formats

mailx.conf configuration file for libreport.
mailx_event.conf configuration file for libreport.
report_mailx.conf configuration file for libreport.