Package librapi

Library to connect to Pocket PC devices

The RAPI library is an open source implementation that works like RAPI.DLL,
available on Microsoft operating systems. The library makes it possible to make
remote calls to a computer running Pocket PC.
In order to use librapi, a daemon that the Pocket PC client connects to must be
running on the computer using librapi.

General Commands
Command Description
pcp run a command or summarize an installation
pkillall kill all running applications on a PDA
pls list directory contents
pmkdir make directory
pmv move (rename) files
prm remove file
prmdir remove an empty directory
prun run program
psettime synchronize the time on a PDA with the local computer
pshortcut create a shortcut
pstatus show device status
rapiconfig upload an XML config file to a SynCE connected device
synce-install-cab install .cab file
synce-list-programs shows a list of all installed programs
synce-registry read or modify the registry on a PDA
synce-remove-program removes a program from your device